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Saving Money: How To Organize Your Money & Be Economical

Updated on March 6, 2015


Saving money is always important and it always comes handy whenever an occasion occurs or when we want to buy something we really want ( a house, a car etc..) or when we pass through some tough and black days.

I will be sharing my way of how I organize my money so you can try it and see how it works for you. I'm sure it will be useful!

Organize Your Money

Here's how you can organize your money:

You can make about 3 places to put your money in.

- First place:
in your bank, where the biggest amount of money is put and shall be never touched unless you pass through some very tough and hard financial times.

And if you don't have a bank account, make a bag or a wallet specific for this purpose and make it act as your bank account. ( Have it to be lockable though or let it be a bag that gets opened by entering a secret number).

- Second place:
in a big wallet where a reasonable amount of money to be put and shall be used for important issues like bills, house rent - if you're renting a house- and other related things.

- Third place:
Your main wallet, the wallet that you use to buy groceries, food and important other things. This should not include much money and just try to put the actual amount of money that will be used to get and buy your needs.

I know a lot of people who put a lot of money in their pockets and spend that the same day. I'm sure that you might be one of these people too! Well, unless you have some very strong abilities and control over your spending.

Have you ever tried to make similar organizing for your money? Share that in the comments box section down below and let us discuss.

Being Economical

Start being economical today! All you have to do is to stop spending too much money on unneeded things and start being a less spender.

For example:

- Try not to leave the electricity lights at day light on and turn off the lights when you change the room.

- Stop wasting your time and money on lotteries and similar contests.

- Beware of the online/ offline frauds and do your shopping when there's a good sale.

Buy the cheapest things you find in stores, but make sure to buy them with quality. There are many things that can be found with reasonable prices and a good quality, you just have to look for them! So, try to make some smart choices and purchases!

Yes, we know how you would always prefer luxuries, but how can you get that if you just can't afford it?


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      Rehmat khan 24 months ago

      hello how i save the mony and i m medical student i dont have mony for my expense and always i have tension about my universty fee and hostel fee i m very unhappy about my future and wanna be come a doctor my and my family desire oh people help me