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Saving with Bargain Shopping - How to Save on Your Food Bill

Updated on October 15, 2011

Ideas to Save on Your Food Bill

People everywhere are cutting back costs to save more money.  It makes sense that if you can't make more money, then to save money by spending less is another great way to keep more of what you do have. 

What are some ideas to save on the food bill?

1.  Always have a shopping list, even if its just a mental list.  Plan to not overspend and stick to the list.  Try to never go to the market unless its really necessary.  One really good tip is to never go shopping when you are hungry.  If you have the option of having someone else watch your young children, this can help sometimes too.  Its hard to say no when they keep on asking you, and this way you avoid it all together.

2.  Consider cutting coupons if you don't, and look at the rebates being offered.  If you do this though, do it only for items you were going to buy anyway.  Compare prices on alternative products as well, and compare the after coupon cost.  Take advantage of free sample offers on items, and return containers that can you a little bit of money.  You would be amazed at how those little bits help add up.

3.  Cook with the future in mind.  Cut back on expensive convenience foods, and small packages when you can buy a bigger bag of chips for instance.  Just be conscious of sealing it up, with whatever you use to keep things fresh.  Make things yourself, like cookies or brownies, and casseroles can go far and be reheated for leftovers.  When you make a casserole, say like a lasagna, make two and freeze one for later. That saves time and money both.

4. Some people take advantage of day old bread from the bakery, or from dented cans of food that are just fine. You can save money in these areas. With the bread, just have plans to use it quickly, or else it may mold or get too hard, which saves no money in the end if you don't eat it.

5. Now, more than ever, store and generic brand products are often just as good as the name brands. There are exceptions of course, but why not consider saving in this way? You can learn quickly what you don't like, and what you like just as much and maybe even more that is the generic brand. I have actually had that happen before, if you can believe it!

6. Cut up your own meat to save money and make the meat go further. You can chicken in bigger pieces for instance and cut them up yourself. Watch also for which meats are on a good sale. You can cut up your own stew meat for instance, rather than having the butcher do it for you. Over a years time, you can save a lot.

7. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season and freeze some to enjoy later. Study up on what freezes well and the best ways to do so. This is healthy and saves you money. You can make some amazing cobblers and banana breads this way, among many other things like smoothies, etc. Its so healthy too.

8. Consider taking up gardening, or if you are a gardener, grow your own vegetables. Invest in some fruit trees or berry bushes. This is an excellent way to be more self sufficient. Get to know others that are doing the same, and maybe you can share your harvest with each other.

9. If you and some friends are trying to save money, instead of going out to dinner, have a dinner party potluck where everyone brings something to share. You can actually have fun for a lot less money and spend more quality time together in someones home.

10. Consider ways to save more money on food wherever you are currently spending. If you buy breakfast, snacks or lunch out, get creative and do a lunch sack instead. Bring a little cooler, or use a bag that you are recycling. Your savings in this area may surprise you!

* There will always be some things we have to pay for in life, that we don't really have much control over, but in this area, we can choose to save money by simply making some decisions to do so.


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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from The Midwest, USA


    • PhoenixV profile image

      PhoenixV 6 years ago from USA

      Great ideas for saving on food.