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Savings Bond Calculator

Updated on February 29, 2012

Savings Bond Calculator

If you are like many people, you may have a difficult time saving money. Do not feel bad, because it is a challenge to put money away for future use. One way to save, or method that many have found to help them incrementally save, is to buy U.S. Savings Bonds. If you have bought these in the past or have received a saving bond as a gift, you may want to know how to determine it's value. Read on to learn about savings bond calculators and how to calculate the current value of your bonds.

Savings bonds have been a legitimate savings tool for many years. The U.S. government offers different types of bonds for savers. Some of the various government securities that have been offered in the past include the Series EE, E, F, G, I, HH, H bonds, Savings Notes, Freedom Shares and other special issues. You may have some of these treasury securities or know of relatives that have these types of treasury instruments stored away in a closet, drawer or safety deposit box. Many times, these securities will sit for years and be handed down to the next generation. The question about how much is my savings bond worth, or what is the value of this security, always seems to come up at some point.

Calculate the Value of Savings Bonds

So how do you determine or calculate the value of your savings notes, bonds or treasury securities? One way is take them down to your bank or financial institution and inquire to how much they are worth, and are they still earning interest? The other way is to locate a set of calculators online that will allow you to input the specific information that is pertinent to your asset and let the online calculator determine the value of your bonds.

The following are a few resources to help you calculate your security values. Estimation calculators are important planning tools and help to determine future values. At (, you will find a growth calculator, a savings planner and the tax advantage calculator. With these you can determine how your savings bonds will grow in terms of interest rates, earnings, future retirement cash values needed and the effects of tax advantaged growth.

If you have a paper savings bond that is a Series EE, E, I or a Savings Note, you can find an online calculator at ( that will allow you to make these calculations. There you can find details and instructions for using the Savings Bond Calculator to determine the current worth and value of these Treasury Securities. What issues do you have an interest in?

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