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Attention: Self-employed Writer

Updated on July 28, 2016

Self-employment has become a welcoming change in career choices for millions of Americans. The self-employed don’t have to answer to anyone except themselves. It is within their own power to fail or succeed.

For professional writers, many opportunities exist for finding online writing jobs and becoming self-employed. Writing online can be a lucrative form of self-employment for a professional writer who is skilled in a wide variety of forms and techniques. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average writer makes close to $60.000 dollars a year. Technical writers can make more than $80.000. The more writers write and become known for their ideas and styles of writing, they will become more popular, receive greater pay and will always be in demand.


Becoming a self-employed writer requires an extensive degree of research and patience as you become known to readers and clients who follow you and purchase your work.

Necessary Tools

  • Internet Access
  • Note Book
  • Pen

Steps to Success in finding Online Writing Opportunities

Google “Write for Us” on the internet. Immediately you will find hundreds of sites begging for your expertise and service. To avoid searching through an endless myriad of sites, look for the “Best Sites for Writers” or the “Top Ten Writing Sites.”


Rating Your Desire for Writing

Do You Have the Time and Commitment to become an Online Writer?

See results

Take a pen and notebook and write down the sites that may interest you. A good idea is to write down two or three sites. Commit to the particular site that best fits your style after a full assessment of what the site has to offer. To help you make the decision, look up site reviews written by those who have experienced writing for the site.

Once you have selected the site that fits your style, register for membership. Many professional writing sites may ask for an annual membership fee. Others might ask for a sample of writing already published. Still others may require that you write a short article on a topic of their choosing. Whatever the criteria for acceptance, you must choose what is most comfortable for you. In addition to supplying the basic information, you may need to fill out an interest evaluation form so that the site can assess your skills and match you with the assignments in your niche.

Online Writing
Professional Writer
Own Boss
HIghly Competative
Causal Writer
Set You Own Hours
Case Flow Problem
Begining Writer
Income Increases with Popularity
Lack of Motivation

Keeping Your Writing in Order

Doing professional writing online requires you to set up a daily and consistent schedule for assignments. With all of the research and drafts necessary for authentic writing, an individual must keep things neat and organized in order to avoid confusion.

Read the terms for writing on the site as well as the rules and regulation for joining. The worst thing you want to do is to submit a well written document to the site only to get rejected because you did not follow the writing guidelines. Frequent violation of these rules will get you terminated before you even get started.

Write and submit a well-written article or essay only after you perform several readings for grammatically errors, structure and coherence. The neglect of this part is the reason why so many, young promising writers get rejected. Denial comes when the young, promising writer is so excited to get started that he disregards the importance of in-depth revision. But editors will deny your access to the site because you did not take the time to thoroughly read and correct your writing mistakes. These editors see your lack of revision as a sign of laziness and lack of interest in your own writing.


Once you have completed your registration, including the written sample or annual fee, you may have to wait a few days for the response of acceptance or rejection, especially for those sites which don’t require a fee. However, don’t wait too long. If after a week or two, if you haven’t received a response, go on to the next sites. Many times when there is a significant delay in the response, the site may stall on accepting new writers for a while.

The Writer Profile

One of the most important ways clients get to know you is by reading your writer profile. Clients desire to know who you are and your credentials for fulfilling their request. When readers and clients get to know you, they may request your services for all their assignments. Creating a good profile is a great way of promoting your status as a good writer. A professional writer with an impression profile along with an uploaded picture of themselves will attract many followers. Therefore, take the time to refine your profile over and over again.


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 3 years ago from Wales UK

      Interesting article

      I like the piece about hasty writing when one is just beginning their writing journey or career, as I personally have fallen into that category. Now I am more experienced, I am in the process of editing my articles that are not featured.

      What I like about hubpages there is plenty of honest feedback that helps a new writer out, as well as all of hubpages amazing tools to build a quality hub.

      Thank you for sharing your expertise Hmtrio2