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How to Make Money if You are Between Jobs

Updated on September 5, 2016

Need Some Ideas?

   This year has been particularly difficult financially for quite a few people.  Practically everyone I know has told me that they cannot afford to buy gifts for their loved ones this Christmas.

   This saddens me, especially when there are children involved.  I have decided to do some very specific and practical things to not only help those that I know that have kids for Christmas, but to make some cash besides.  I am doing these things for somewhat selfish reasons besides the obvious gratification of helping others.  I have been pretty depressed about my money situation, and there is nothing like doing something constructive to make yourself too tired to be depressed.....sooooooo, here goes.

   1.  recycling-  anything that is made out of a metal that a magnet does not stick to, is worth cash at the recyclers.  This includes such things as brass fittings or pipes that you might have left over from some home improvement, aluminum cans, anything made out of  stainless steel.  You might be surprised what kinds of odds and ends you will find in your garage that are worth cash at the recyclers.  Also, car batteries, radiators, starters from old cars can be taken in and sold to those kind of recycle places.  Many towns have stores that buy kids and baby clothes that are in good shape.  These sorts of places are best looked up in the yellow pages.  Old jewelry can be sold, and even newspapers can be recycled for cash but does not pay much unless you have a ton of it.

  2.I live about 6 blocks from the beach.  I have, on warm weekend days, gone to the grocery store and bought several 12-packs of generic soda of various flavors.  I load them up into my little red wagon, and on the way to the beach stop off at a motel and help myself to a couple scoops of ice to put over the top of the sodas.  I find a location at the beach where there are either a lot of surfers, or kids, and put up a sign that says --ICE COLD SODAS-  $1.00---  It usually takes me somewhere between 1-2 hours to sell all of the soda, which I bought at about .22 each.  I turn the initial $12.00 into about $60 to 75 dollars.  Easy work.

  3.  I look in the classified ads under the "free" column.  I see what is listed there that people want to just get rid of, usually wanting someone to haul whatever it is off, for free.  Many many times I have found items there of value.  I then go over to the next page under the column listing "wanted".  I don't know why, but people do not look for the items they are looking for themselves.  I match up, if I can the items for free, into the hands of the items wanted people.  Make a phone call or two and bingo, the things that were given away for free were then bought from me.  Items such as pallets, bricks, dirt, fertilizer, and many others will often be found in both places.

4.  Painting house numbers on curbs and mailboxes--several years ago I did this in a small community next to ours, that is kind of a rural farm/horse  properties.  I charged $5 per house, and you would be surprised how many people wanted this done because they were having problems with people not being able to locate their house.  In this same town, I went to the small stores, and asked them  if they wanted the parking lot re-striped.  The asphalt parking lots would lose the paint off the parking stalls, making parking difficult.  Again, I charged $5.00 per stripe.  (Hint) you must be very careful to measure the stripes out first to be sure they are straight.  Make a stencil of the stripe so they are uniform in width and length,plus it is easier to paint.  Must us some kind of thick marine base paint.

  5.  Yard sales, garage sales are always worth some money,even if you do not do that well you will at least make some cash.  The least amount I have ever made was about $40. and the most I have made was $675.  It depends on how much stuff you have, how you have it displayed, and how much you are asking.  I have found it  is better to let things go for a little less than you wanted, and sell more things than to hold out on a higher price and not sell very much.  Sometimes it is a good idea to have several families go together and yard sale it so that you have more items for sale.

  6.  Sell off any old movies or music tapes or CD's  We have a couple places in town that buys them from anywhere from .50 to $5.00 each.  Even records can be sold.

  7.  Collectibles--There are stores that sell only antiques or collectibles.  Old things, of any kind.  Old toys, lunchboxes, games, postcards, coins, stamps, salt and pepper shakers, table clothes. and just about anything.  The store in our town is called "Times and Things Remembered".  Look in the yellow pages for stores like this in your area.

  8.  Sometimes placing an ad selling your help, or time, like helping people move, or cleaning yards, washing cars, things of this nature.  There are always things that people would rather not do themselves, that they will gladly pay someone else to do.  An ad for "odd jobs"  works.


Use Your Imagination

These are ways that I have come up with through the years, being a single parent, and not always having what we needed. Some of these things my kids actually helped me with and we did them as a family.

Not only that, but if your kids see you doing these kinds of things to make money,it proves to them that you are there to take care of them, giving them a bit of security, and it teaches them how to survive on their own. How to be the go-getters you need to be to get anywhere in this world.

Always stop and think, what do people want, what are people willing to pay for, but don't have time to do themselves. Sometimes pet care, plant care, car washes, just think about it, and you will be better off than being depressed and not doing anything. It's never that bad. Doing something is better than doing nothing, and smile while doing it... :O /P>


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  • Greenheart profile image

    Greenheart 8 years ago from Cambridge

    Thanks for the hub!

    Good suggestions for making money.

    Have you thought about the home business revolution and making money from the comfort of your easy chair!

    Have a look at

    And please leave a comment as i would love to know what you think.

    All the best.


  • Greenheart profile image

    Greenheart 8 years ago from Cambridge

  • GPAGE profile image

    GPAGE 8 years ago from California

    Wonderful and inspirational hub. I appreciate the fact that you make things happen! Best, GPAGE