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My eBay Success Story - My Online Business Success

Updated on April 8, 2014
It's unbelievable how much money can be made on eBay!
It's unbelievable how much money can be made on eBay!

A Great Start To My New Online Business

This is an article to highlight and for me to look back on my eBay success story in the year 2011. I have had a highly successful first half of the year, and hope to carry on from here and become even more successful on eBay by selling quality products.

Let me just boast a little before i start! I know exactly where to get the stock to sell on eBay and sell them on for maximum profits, sometimes up to 1000%!!!

I somehow accidentally got caught up in all the fuss about eBay. My friend recommended me to go to Sunday car boot sales, buy stock and sell on eBay. The first time i went i didn't like it, but the second time i went i got hooked! All this was in the middle of 2010.

Since learning the trade and experiencing the negatives and positives of eBay buyers and sellers, i can say that i am now probably an intermediate seller or an online buisnessman. I do not want to open my own online shop, but i do want to be a highly rated eBay seller, soon! This is why i have decided to write this eBay success story.

I have seriously started selling on eBay since the 2nd of April 2011 and some of the profit margin on most of the items i have sold is up to 1000%!!! Can anyone believe that? I never i thought i could do it! But it looks like it is quite simple if you know how and where to get the products from to sell on eBay and become successful on eBay.

Where To Buy Stock To Sell On eBay

Want to know where to buy stock to sell on eBay? My wife did th eresearch and i bought the products from the online auction sites below. She probably accidentally came across the online auction sites that sell products to resell however you please. Below are two online sites that sell customer returned goods to sell on to buyers. Have a look at them and see if you can make use of them. Unfortuantely the UK Liquidation site is no more as they went bankrupt! It wasn't me! The American Liquidation site is still up and they deliver worldwide.

I am not trying to sell anything here like some other online businesses who claim to give you information on how to make hundreds of Dollars on eBay everyday, but they will only give you the information if you buy an ebook or something from them. Don't even think about it! All they're selling is information which you could find yourself using the internet and also by starting up if you haven't already done so and gaining experience yourself. This is the best way to learn.

I will share a couple of sites for you to check out, but they are not ones that i buy from, although they are ones which i initially bought from to learn my trade selling on eBay. You may already know about them, but if you don't know about them then they will be of great use to you. You will still be able to make a lot of profit from them, so don't worry. Go and check them out yourself.

(One of them is based in UK i think, but still do check it out).

There are many other websites to buy stock and sell on eBay which you can research yourself. I don't have much idea on the American market, but i certainly know my way around the UK market!

There are many auction sites across UK and then there are auction sites on one website. The only problem with them auctioneers is that some of the products are totally useless. Then there are the other auctioneers who mainly sell new items but they can be bulky so you may need a van. I am not quite ready to give away the online auction websites, but i am sure you will be able to find them for yourself.

Good luck.

Make your online eBay business a money magnet!
Make your online eBay business a money magnet!

Some Of My Giant Killers!

By giant i mean stock which i bought for a tiny investment and sold on for massive profits!

  • Gaming headsets £4 for 4 units - sold each for £12.99! (RRP £14.99 each)
  • Electric glass fireplace £8 - Sold for £75! (RRP £250)
  • Photo printer £5 - Sold for £67!
  • 4 litre mini fridge £0.50 - Sold for £16!
  • Mesh metal penholder £0.25 - Sold for £4.00!
  • Printer £8 - Sold for £30!

As you can see from the above list that i have certainly made a giant killing, and continuing to do so!!! This is only the tip of the iceberg, there are many other items i have sold for massive amounts of profits which i haven't added here.

Most of the above items were bought in car boot sales and others bought elsewhere. I have been busy buying and selling on eBay that is why i haven't given much time on Hubpages. Thankfully my Hubpages earnings are increasing which is a good sign because one day i will wake up and find a cheque in the post!

Why Not Start Your Own eBay Business?

I am not a powerseller or a highly rated seller yet and i don't intend to open an eBay shop, but i am really happy with the way things are going for me. I regret not starting selling online earlier, maybe it was in my fate to start late on eBay. Anyway i am over the moon with my weekly sales, which are a massive bonus to my employed income as well.

Why not start your own eBay business by selling your unwanted goods at home and building up from there. This way you will gain so much experience on how to list the items and in what layout to attract buyers. You have to also use the correct keywords in the item listing title so that people can find your item easily when searching on the search box on eBay.

The layout is very important to make your item stand out to attract buyers. You have to use the correct information for an item and describe it as accurately and honestly as possible.

Depending on the item, you can use the auction format or Buy It Now format. There are some items which sell better in auction style and others sell better in the Buy It Now format.

Give it a go, i am sure you will enjoy it, even if you don't make thousands of Dollars a month! With the world's online market in one place, it isn't difficult to find a buyer for any of your unwanted items!

To give you a lift, my first months sales were over £1,500! I only invested £350! (Please don't tell the tax man!!!)

Best of LUCK!

Make easy money online with eBay
Make easy money online with eBay

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