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Should I invest in a Portable Generator?

Updated on March 2, 2012

So, Should I?

Many home owners and DIY home improvement project makers always ask the question – should I invest in a portable generator? One of the best ways to make sure that there is enough power to perform any DIY task or home improvement is to work with a portable generator. Instead of depending on the common source of home electricity provided by your local energy company, portable generators make your work easier and of course, cheaper, thus making it one of the smartest investments you’ll make.

These generators were initially used as the main power source for people on the road. Campers and RVs were the main consumers for portable generators but slowly, portable generators have started finding their way to local households. Also, if you are located in a place where outages are frequent, you will surely find one in your neighbor’s backyard.

As mentioned, generators are very popular in places where power is very unstable or at most times, unavailable. Some businesses offer large generator assistance to areas where grid power is down or is disrupted. But be very careful in handling it too. When using portable generators, it should be kept in mind that these generators should be placed in spaces or areas that are well-ventilated to prevent poisoning, most specifically from carbon monoxide which is a toxic gas that is very hard to detect. Odorless, tasteless, colorless, and at first, non-irritating, people will not be able to determine if carbon monoxide is present in the air.

Power outages can deprive you of much needed heat, potable water, air-conditioning, and other life-supporting supplies and other medical equipments. Most of today’s generation cannot run without a stable power source especially those who depend on computers for a living. In times like these, a portable generator would really come in handy for an uninterrupted work and home lifestyle.

In case of emergencies, generating power will be very beneficial especially if the outage lasts for several days. A portable generator can easily power up any device at home including any survival equipment in times of emergencies like blackouts due to typhoons or other bad weather conditions. It may not seem necessary at first, but eventually, when the time for it to be used arises, then you will surely thank yourself for purchasing it in the first place.

For family outdoor activities like camping or fishing, and you cannot ‘disconnect’ due to work emergencies that may come, a portable generator will come in handy as you can plug-in any electronic device without having to worry about losing power. Also, there’s no need for you to worry about the environment as portable generators don’t do much damage as the large generators do. These generators require propane to run instead of gasoline, which the big ones use.

Portable generators can also come in different sizes depending on the power you need. Before purchasing a generator, try to consider some things first before paying on the counter. Ask first where you will use it, is it necessary for you to buy it, and what will you use it for. Every generator has its own use for each situation. If you plan to buy it for the purpose of powering up your vehicle, a little generator will do. Portable generators are good for power back-ups and DIY stuff around the house, as well as give some light during camps that require a little illumination for your tent. For power tools and equipment that require more intensity in terms of energy, a bigger portable generator would be needed.

Consider the size of the generator that will fit the load so you know if you are to purchase a major, a portable, or a little generator. A little generator may not be enough to power up your air-conditioning system, and a major generator may only cause you to waste excess fuel for no particular reason. It is very crucial to determine first the size so you get the best out of the benefits a generator gives you. The best thing to do would be to consult an expert. Generators also come with a warranty as it requires oil change and tune-ups too. You may void this warranty if you try to do it yourself without sufficient knowledge on how the process works. Ask a customer service representative at the store so you can get the details of the generator you need to buy.

Portable generators are there to be your back-up source of power. Yes it may last for an exceptionally long period of time running on very little fuel but it won’t last a lifetime definitely. And not everything can be serviced by your generator so it would be a great idea to limit or assign the house equipment or devices that will run on it.

So are you still asking yourself the question "Should I invest in a portable generator?"Yes, definitely.


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