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Six Figure Blogging Mumble Jumble

Updated on March 17, 2012

Six Figure Blogger

Now don't tell me you can make a six-figure income through blogging because you just can't, unless you are an economic strategist or you have the world's billion dollar companies pre-allocating a slice of their marketing and advertising budgets directly to your Bank of America checking account. Hey that's my bank. But seriously, there are so many bloggers out there boasting six figures and they don't have any proof or evidence to back up their ludicrous money-making mumble jumble.

Google "six figure blogger" and your search results will be saturated with media claiming that you can blog your way to a $100,000.00 or more paycheck, yes that's a hundred-thousand dollars. What bloggers have you seen in the mainstream media that make this kind of money? Tell me someone, anyone, who. And when you have that thought, just because a person who says that they are a blogger, and you actually read their blogs, and their blogs are good or funny or interesting, doesn't mean anything. A lie goes a far way nowadays and people will do anything to fool even the most firmest believer.

Getting back to cashing your $100,000.00 paycheck as a blogger at Bank of America or the bank you bank at, being a lazy article writer here at Hubpages, I say lazy because I am almost to publishing my 100th article while other hubbers have over one-thousand articles published, and believe me I love to write, I really do, and I can boast that my hubs have been read over 100,000 times but who cares because I really wish I could be boasting about making $16,000.00 a month from Google Ad-Sense which is a bunch of baloney. Some six-figure blogger claimed that was how high his monthly Ad-Sense earnings was every month but there was no proof in the pudding. No bank statement screenshots or Google hard copy check photos, nothing.

While I sit back and ponder at Starbucks in Whittier, California, Los Angeles, over the idea that it might be possible to earn six-figures either actively or passively as a blogger, you would need a company called "Global" and write articles about all their products and services that they offer to all of the worlds markets, but we're talking a minimum of 10,000 articles because each article would generate a dollar a day on your Google Ad-Sense earnings, and then you multiply 10,000 by 12 months in a year and your 365 day gross income will be at $120,000.00.

So although it's quite possible to blog your way to six-figures, it's highly unlikely, even though you are like me and love to write but even the firmest non-believer on this topic can be fooled into believing and when that day comes, I will gladly take pictures of my Google Ad-Sense $10,000.00 paychecks and include them in this article. Cheers to blogging!


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    • ssaffery profile image

      ssaffery 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      LauraGT, it would be great if we all blogged our way to a one-hundred thousand dollar paycheck a year. :)

    • LauraGT profile image

      LauraGT 5 years ago from MA

      Thanks for the reality check. I think we all know you're right deep down, but it's still fun to dream! :)