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Steps on How to Become Financially Fit with Regards to Credit Card Payments

Updated on April 22, 2011

Steps on How to Become Financially Fit with Regards to Credit Card Payments

It is the beginning of the year and everybody is talking about being physically fit, but how about being “financially fit”. It is time to confront your credit card debt specially if they start to make you uncomfortable.Credit card payments eat up a lot of our monthly budget specially if we have been spending carelessly before. Unmindful use of credit cards can give you headache later on. Mind you, if you are starting to have troubles with your credit card payment it will snowball. Getting a grip of the problem and finding solutions for you to become financially fitter is good.

Credit cards are convenient to use if you use it wisely

Everybody like to use a credit card because it is much more convenient to use but make sure you monitor its use. Most people rely on it. And this is true ever since our economy became a "plastic economy".

There are different types of credit cards and choose one which is suited to your way of spending.

Credit cards interest rates are high

It is a given that credit cards interest rates are high. In the US, according to msn, the average American has a credit of almost 4,000 USD, and with the amount of interest rate which ranges from 8 to 16 percent, then it is imperative that we take the payment of our credit card seriously.

Steps on How to Become Financially Fit with Regards to Credit Card Payments

Accumulated credit card debts post a serious financial headache, that is why you need to read the following steps on how to become financially fit and get rid of your credit card debts.

  • Get a grip of your spending and start to live below your means so that you can pay more than the minimum amount required by the creditor.
  • Examine and study all your bills for the past months and all the expenses you incurred using the credit cards. After analyzing the patterns of payment and your spending, you can now have a good view of what’s eating your money. For other people, this is boring, it is understandable because they rather spend some money than have a headache studying their credit card debt and look at what is going on with their finances.
  • Put your credit card debt in one credit card - If you have more than two credit cards, you have the option to pay the credit card with the lowest amount of incurred debts while working on your way by paying more than the required minimum amount. You can also study the option of transferring the balance of your card with the highest interest rate to a credit card with the lowest interest rate. If you just want to consolidate all your credit cards debt so that you will have one credit card then study the options - making sure you note of the interest rate. Always choose the creditor with the lowest interest rate.
  • Talk to an agent of the creditor bank so that they can provide an option for you to make your credit card payment manageable. Ask if you can pay higher than the minimum amount required for you to pay.
  • If you want some help contact the CCCS which stands for "Consumer Credit Counseling Service". it is not profit organization which provides counseling pertaining to credit card. Inquire and ask if you are qualified for counseling. Look at the video above by Suze Orman, a financial adviser.


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    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 19 months ago from California

      Credit card debt is the worst! Great advice on how to get it under control!