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Updated on October 7, 2011

If you are an investor and looking for great place to get charts of your favorite stocks or do scans of many stocks while looking for your next hot investment, then is a definite starting point.

Their goal is to make their customers better investors. From their website, visitors can access several different investing decision tools. Their SharpCharts tool helps you create great looking financial charts. The Scan Engine shows you some of the market's best investing opportunities. The Chart School is loaded with easy-to-read educational articles that can be of interest to many investors, novice and advanced. And the Chief Technical Analyst, John Murphy, guides you through the markets with unmatched expertise.

Some of their tools and charts:

  • Symbol Catalog
  • Public Chart Lists
  • SharpCharts
  • Ticker
  • Stock Scans
  • SharpCharts
  • P&F Charts
  • PerfCharts
  • Market Summary
  • Gallery View
  • CandleGlance Groups
  • Breadth Charts
  • Dynamic Yield Curve
  • Historical Charts
  • Data Adjustments
  • Technical Indicators and Overlays

Technical analysis books and videos are also available online.

Financial Charts can help make you Money!

Financial charts can help you make work through variables and options for investing decisions. Since 1999, has been helping online investors obtain and use financial information. They constantly update and improve their site service options. You can get access to some powerful tools for technical analysis. They also give investors common sense advice, with examples of how to effectively use the tools.

Much of their charting services and tools are free of charge. You can see what may be of interest to you by clicking on the "Free Charts" tab at the top of their website page. If this type of resource helps your investment ideas, then it may a good idea to peruse through the different charting tools and services they offer.

In October of 2002, author John Murphy, a leading figure in the area of technical analysis, joined their team.

In 2003, launched an on-line Technical Analysis bookstore to help their users to learn more about investing strategies and ideas with charts. Each month, they offer a special of at least one book at a very low sale price. provides charts for all US stocks that trade on the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and the Nasdaq National Market. They cover most of the stocks on the Nasdaq Small Cap and OTC exchanges. They cover all of the major US Mutual Funds, and cover Canadian stocks on the TSX and CDNX exchanges.

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