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Updated on May 9, 2012

The investing world is fast and furious. Either you lead, stay up with the pack or get taken out. Big Charts provides a service that may help keep you in the pack or even in the lead. The website provides stock charts and other related financial market information. They provide free and premium services and offer comprehensive investing and investment research tools to help investors of all skill levels to do a better job with their investment and stock value research. Some of the free tools and services they provide include stock charts, interactive charting, screeners and market research tools.

One of their goals is provide user-friendly yet professional stock market and investment tools that go beyond index charts and interactive charting but to also include intraday stock quotes, options prices and options quotes and screeners all with graphics and graphical interfaces that make using these charting tools easier to use. Probably the thing to do is to jump right and navigate around their website and check out all of the free financial tools that are available for the investor to utilize. Just start right across the top navigation bar and begin with their section on quotes, then industry news, industries, markets, historical quotes, BigReports, advanced tools and premium products.

Their investment research and free stock charts and quotes website provides many free quote, investment tool and research tools for your use. Explore around their website, which is easy to navigate. One way to begin may be to pick one stock or index that you follow and then plug that stock or index into the different charting tools and see how it works for you. Learn more about forecasting and see the interactive charts and charting resources too.

Services provided by MarketWatch, Inc. which is a service of Dow Jones & Company.

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