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Tax Season Is Just Around the Corner

Updated on March 16, 2019

Christmas isn't here yet, but I'm already pulling my hair out. Being self employed I'm already turning my piggy bank upside down, checking my jean pockets, counting all my change, and going through stacks of receipts. I am a small business owner so I do all of the accounting myself. I would love to hire a professional, but that isn't possible in this economy. So I'm digging through miles of paperwork, wearing the buttons out on my calculator, and hoping that I'm accurate.

Last night I was thinking "Why does it have to be this complex?"This is my first year as an entrepreneur, and I'm trying to get the hang of all the Seasonal, Quarterly, Yearly, Income, Sales, Use, and hundreds other taxes that I can't even list. It seems like for every tax I file there are at least twenty questions about it, and at least two forms to fill out. So I'm wondering is it even possible to be responsible for so many taxes and not make a mistake?

My solution to this tax mess. Why not just have one tax. Of course that sounds way to easy to work. But think about it for a minute, If technically the money we send to the government is their money, then why are we counting it for them. Why not just have a bigger sales tax on everything we buy, and let them divide it. Technically the people that make more money are going to have more to spend, and the people that don't make as much have less money to spend.

I would personally like to keep my hair, and I don't enjoy paying penalties when I don't add something right, or late fees when I forget one of the many taxes. If we are ultimately responsible for every aspect of collecting the taxes, but not allowed to vote on every aspect that they are used on is that fair? It may be one of those things where that's just how it is so get used to it, but I certainly don't agree with that. Sure we can vote for different politicians that say one thing then do another, but we don't actually vote on where the money goes.

This leads to another interesting point.  With all the technology today it should be possible for all Americans to vote on topics that were usually left to congress and the house.  Most of what they vote for directly affects us anyway.  Such as the National Health-care Bill that they are excluded from.  With the internet being as vast as it is today it wouldn't take much effort to start a new governing body and allow the people to vote for and/or veto bills.  Then set up voting stations in local libraries for those without access to the internet.  However, the key to this working would be keeping the public informed on what they are voting for and the side effects/benefits of each bill.


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