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Teens- How to Make Money Mowing Lawns

Updated on May 30, 2011


When it comes to teens making money, mowing lawns is probably one of the most popular. It can be fun as well as lucrative. In this post I will help you make money mowing lawns.

Equipment Needed

There is very little equipment needed to start up your own lawn care business.

Here is what you need:

Lawn Mower- Not the hardest thing to find as most households have their own. If you don't you can find a cheap one somewhere. A self propelled mower would be ideal if you are trying to push this business.

Gas- If you already have a mower, it would most likely be filled with gas beforehand. However, you will need to get more gas once it runs out. I am not sure wether you can buy gas if you are under driving age but you can arrange a deal with your parents. See if they can round down to the nearest dollar or even cover your cost if they are really supportive.

Other than that, there is not much more to it. You may eventually invest in a weed wacker if you have you start good. The trimming can add more money for you.


The price you charge is very important. If you charge too much no one will buy and if you charge to little, your undercutting yourself. The best range is about $20-50. When you first start, you should offer $20 as this is not too low for you labour. You can charge more as your business grows. I set $50 dollars as the maximum because it is more of a top range price for bigger yards or more well off neighborhoods.


Now that you have the main outline off your business drawn, you have to find out how to get customers. This is where the advertising comes in. There are many low cost methods you can use below:

Door to door- This may seem a bit daunting at first but it will have a good return. Go around your neighborhood letting people know about your service. You should start by saying what you will be doing. Telling them why is also goo thing to do as you will get a bit more sympathy. After your little rocket pitch (business term) you can hand them a flier with your contact information and/ or schedule if you have other things to do.

Fliers- This method is a less direct approach that can utilise the same fliers stated above. Put fliers on car wind shields and in mailboxes. Most people will probably through it in the trash, but some will see this as either a way to avoid the chore or save money (instead of hiring professionals.

Email- You can also send the fliers to people by email. I am stuck on fliers because they work. A good well designed flier will attract much attention. Send emails to your neighbors, if you know the email, or even send them to nearby family. It will be a bit difficult to take a lawnmower to your family but you can offer the same deal if they have a lawnmower you can use.

Business Cards- This is related to making fliers. You can give out business cards in your neighborhood. It's pretty cheap and much less irritating than full size fliers.

There are many more methods that work, but may not be as direct or too expensive for your budget. Get to work designing some fliers and find out which ones your family and friends like best.

More Ideas

There are many more ideas for your lawn care business. Check out the list below:

Work with a friend- This will make things easier and more fun. You can take turns in sections or time which can give you both a bit of a break between. If you can get another mower, you can ideally cut the time it takes in half. For this you can charge a bit more so you both get a fair cut.

Green Lawn Care- I just came up with this idea as I wrote this post. Offer to put a greener spin on cutting grass, get an old fashioned push mower from an older person and advertise it as being green. You can charge more for the labour required and the environmentally conscious will appreciate this as well.


It is not that difficult to start your very own lawn care business. There are minimal start up costs and you can make a lot of money. This is an all year job, although it is needed more in the Spring and Summer. Follow these steps to begin making a bit of money. You do not have to do this full time but you can cut one lawn twice a month.


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    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 6 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      Seems a good idea, there are times when I would gladly pay for a couple of hours work in the garden