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Teens- Make Money Babysitting

Updated on June 1, 2011


When it comes to teens making money, babysitting is a nice fun job. Especially if you like children. In this post I will help you begin making money by babysitting.


There aren't many things needed when babysitting, but here are the few:

Qualifications- A good thing to have for this job is qualifications. Your customers have to know that they can trust you. Check the local community center for courses.

Games- It is always nice to have a few games wether you go to the house or get to stay at home. This will be a great way to keep the kids under control.

That's about it, as I said, there isn't much equipment needed.


You can make a decent profit when babysitting. It's not the most but it can add up for purchases at the mall. A good price is about $10 dollars an hour. You may charge more or less depending on where you live.


Once you have your qualifications and you are ready to start babysitting, you have to advertise. This is the key to getting customers. Although almost everything relies on advertising, there are very few things you have to do. You can start here:

Fliers- I can't say this enough, this is a very good way to introduce your business to people. You can hand out fliers or put them in mailboxes. For babysitting (specifically), you can ask your parents to post a flier on their jobs' notice board. This worked for a business I had a while ago. Remember to state your qualifications in the information.

Business Cards- Business cards are another great way to advertise. Hand them out to people you know with kids and ask if they can give them out to their children's friends. This advertising can reach a lot of people if the cards are continuously passed on. It's like viral marketing.


If you like children, this is the way to spend your weekend nights. When your friends are out spending money, you are having fun and making money. I hope this has helped you. If you are looking for more ways to make money check out this post.


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    • redwards01 profile image

      redwards01 6 years ago from Bermuda

      I wanted to do it at one point for the same reason but my sister started doing it. Unfortunately she doesn't still do it.

    • smanty profile image

      smanty 6 years ago

      I never actually babysat, but I had always wanted to. It seemed like easy cash for the summer, but I guess no one wanted a guy babysitting their children.