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Teens- Make Money Washing Cars

Updated on May 30, 2011


When it comes to teens making money, having a car wash or a car detailing service can be quite successful. In this post I will help you make money washing cars.

Equipment Needed

It is ideal to have a good water supply when washing cars but there are many more things needed for you to be properly equipped. You will also need:

Sponges- Fairly obvious, you will need multiple sponges to do a proper job washing cars. You will first need a clean sponges to do the main body of the car. A dirtier sponge will be needed as the wheels can get really dirty. And finally a shammy is great for properly drying a car without leaving streaks. If you really want to be professional looking, you can get a clothe for use on the windows.

Cleaning Stuff- There are many things needed to clean each part of a car. I refer to it as stuff because it is just that, I cannot think of a general term for that. You will first need some soap. Dish detergent will work but it is best to use car specific products if you want to impress your customers. You will also need tire gloss to add a freshly cleaned shine to the tires. Windex can also be used to get the windows clean. However, it may be a hazard to you and the well being of Crows will driving.

Vacuum Cleaner- if you get into the car detailing, a vacuum cleaner can be used for what they are normally used for, picking up dirt.


It is pretty easy to decided the prices for a car wash. A reasonable price of $10-15 can be charged for any small cars while the bigger SUVs/ Minivans can be 20-25 dollars. Charge an extra $5 dollars if the customer would like their car to be vacuumed. The good thing about a car wash is that there isn't a price for water so you can make a full profit on all sales, cool huh?


Location is key when having a car wash as you would like to get as much traffic as possible, excuse the pun. Most places will not allow you to have a car wash without permission and I am not sure they will let you have one if it is for personal profit. You can talk to a manager at a gas station or store but I am not sure if it will work. You can always set it up at your house. In this case, you may not have a full on car wash, but instead wash peoples cars individually in repetition. You can advertise whenever and just take requests from people. You can do this while they do something else if you live in an area with stores and the like.


In order to get costumers, you will have to advertise your service.I did mention it above, but I will explain ways you can advertise your service.

Fliers- Perhaps one of the best ways to advertise. You can put fliers on telephone poles, shop windows, car wind shields, in mailboxes and you may even go door to door. A well designed flier will attract a lot of attention. You can advertise either a one off car wash or individual car washing. For the latter you will need to leave a phone number and' or email address so people can get in contact with you.

Business Cards- Business cards can be just as effective as fliers. You can give them the same design as your fliers and hand them to family and friends in bulk. They will in turn give them to people they know and you will have some quality advertising.

Classifieds- With the growing popularity of the internet, you can post an ad on your local classifieds for free. This can give you some effective advertising.

More Ideas

You can do this with your friends to have a bit more fun. Just ensure that you all get a fair share so there is no arguing. This can increase productivity and allow you to wash more cars.


Wether you have a car wash one Saturday or you wash cars everyday, you can make a lot of money washing cars. Just ensure that you follow the guidelines provided to avoid any mistakes. I wish you success.


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    • profile image

      Bryan 6 years ago

      Thnk this is what I'll do to make some dough

    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 6 years ago from Oakland, California

      But don't you think it sends the wrong message to the teenagers? I thought that is who this article is meant for.

    • redwards01 profile image

      redwards01 6 years ago from Bermuda

      It's there to grab the reader's attention. :)

    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 6 years ago from Oakland, California

      I find the image a little bit inappropriate for the article-anyways who am I to judge,just a thought.Otherwise good business advice