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Tropical Storm Lee: The Best Investment for Labor Day

Updated on September 2, 2011

Gulf Oil Rigs Shut Down


Labor Day's Investment

In the past I have recommended oil as an investment because Irene hit 10 states in New England, shut down the refineries in the North East and most of New England is still completely flooded. It will take quite a while for the refineries to come back on line. Because of these recent events I predict there will be a shortage of oil and subsequently gas prices will rise again to over $4 a gallon. For the long term, home heating prices will also increase this winter which makes investing in heating oil a savvy.

But now just prior to Labor Day there is a storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico and it has caused the shut down of all the oil riggs in the gulf. This will also effect the price of both gasoline in the short term but also home heating oil in the winter. For this reason oil seems to be both a good short term investment and a long term investment atleast through the winter months.

So what can you do? First I would fill your car up while gasoline is under $4 a gallon. Second if you are interested in investing, I would invest in stocks particularly oil stocks and utility stocks with a time horizon of about 6-8 months. Roll out of oil prior to the presidential election. It will be impossible for Barack Obama to be re-elected with oil prices over $4 a gallon not matter who he is running against.

Your window of opportunity is small here. By Monday you will be following the trend and not leading. In the market it is important to lead and not follow. The followers lose their money so lead but do so quickly.

As previously stated seek the advice of a liscensed financial advisor. I am not. This is my personal perspective.

Tropical Storm Lee

Now that Tropical Storm Lee is organized and is predicted to make Landfall by Saturday morning you can see why I have recommended purchasing oil as it is projected to hit all the oil platforms in the gulf by Saturday. The safety and the minimization of human causalities is the priority but if you don't live in these areas then you might want to consider the impact this hurricane season will have on oil prices.

It is odd isn't it Huricane atrina swept Barach Obama into office and all the Hurricaens subsequent seems to be sweeping him right out of office.

Tropical Storm Lee



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