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The Only Book On Investing You Will Ever Need To Read

Updated on October 3, 2017
Colin Wattonville profile image

Colin Wattonville is a business student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with a background in marketing, entrepreneurship, & finance.

Yes, I am only 19. I have only taken one finance class in my entire life. However, I do a lot of reading and research about investing and the stock market in my free time. I have spent numerous hours watching Bloomberg TV, listened to nearly every episode of Tai Lopez's and Dave Ramsey's podcasts, taken an entire TD Ameritrade online course, and read a couple best-selling business books. I have even branched out and watched many videos online about different types of investments and strategies. On top of this, I have two accounts through TD Ameritrade and have started planning for my future. Out of all of these, the vehicle that taught me the most was one particular business books that I have read.

I am talking about Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins. Let me preface this by letting everyone know that Mr. Tony Robbins is a life coach. He hosts seminars that aim to change the four pillars of people's life around: health, wealth, love, and happiness. The book includes tips that spread across all of these areas of your life, but the main focus is on the "wealth" aspect. What Tony teaches in this book is how to set yourself up for a long-term financial plan that will lead you to financial freedom. A place where you have little to no debt. A place where you have a steady stream of income coming in so that you do not need to work to pay for your monthly expenses. In the book, Tony includes excerpts from interviews he has had with leading hedge fund managers and other savvy investors. Mr. Robbins gives his readers access to information that these top-knotch investors have never shared before.

The book gives you a step-by-step plan that is supposed to take you to that magical place of financial freedom. It is a good book for young people especially, because as I mentioned before, the strategies are mostly for long-term investing. Robbins made me realize that it truly is best to start investing as young as possible. The book gives you tips and tricks on how to save more and get the most out of your money. I firmly believe that this book should be included in all college curriculum. In all honesty, I learned more about investing in the 650 pages in this book than I did an entire semester in a finance class. Fellow students, if you know absolutely nothing about investing, this is by far the best place to start.

Investing. Motivation. Free coaching and mentorship. This book has it all!

In the comments, leave some of the best advice you have ever received about personal finance and where it came from!

5 stars for "Money: Master The Game" by Tony Robbins

© 2016 Colin Wattonville


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