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The Top 7 Things Money Can Buy

Updated on November 10, 2019
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Cristale Adams is an online author and publisher. Her articles vary in topics and focus on real life. She always enjoys learning new things.

Money, Money, Money!

Money is any form of currency that is a current medium of exchange for transactions. Money is accepted as a payment or a repayment for goods and/or services that have been or will be received, which is a process that is called a transaction. Money can also be considered income in the form of a paycheck that a person earns by working a job. Money is also revenue that a company earns from sales or services rendered. Money is considered a very valuable commodity within the economy because it can be used to purchase many different things that are needed, wanted, or desired. Money has changed throughout the centuries and is not what it once was.

Different Types of Money

Cattle are currently the oldest known form of currency that was used to purchase goods and services. Evolving civilizations would use beans, nuts, seeds, or tokens as a form of currency. As time and technology increased, currency changed to become more modern. Now in modern times, different countries honor and value their own form of money while placing different values on foreign countries' currency. This is known as the exchange rate. Some of the different forms of current money, also called cash, include:

  • American Dollars, multiple denominations.
  • United Kingdom's Pound Sterling, meaning star.
  • Japan's Yen, known as silver rounds.
  • Switzerland Francs, from France.

Credit, debit, and ATM cards are not considered money, however, the currency within the accounts that are linked to those cards is money.

How Money is Made

Paper money is mass-produced by:

1. Large sheets of paper go through a machine that adds strips of color on the front and back of the paper; such subtle, and not obvious, coloring makes it hard for anyone to make counterfeit, or fake, money.

2. Another machine puts a special type of ink on a big metal plate that is engraved with a picture and numbers; the plate is wiped clean so that the ink is left only in the grooves of the plate; with 50 tons of pressure, the plate and the paper are pressed together so it transfers the engraved images onto the paper and gives the banknote a texture.

3. Symbols are added with a serial number and a mark that indicates to which part of the country the bill will go; a machine then cuts the sheets into individual bills, counts them, and also checks again to make sure the color is perfect; if something is wrong with a bill, a worker takes it out of the stack, destroys it and replaces it with a bill with a star after its serial number.

Coin money is mass-produced by:

1. Blanks are punched from coiled strips of metal about 13 inches by 1,500 feet.

2. The blanks are heated in an annealing furnace to soften them and then they are run through a washer and dryer.

3. The good blanks go through an upsetting mill to give the coins a raised room around the edge.

4. The blanks go to the coining press, where they are stamped with the designs and inscriptions.

5. The coins are inspected, counted, and bagged.

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The Top 7 Things Money Can Buy

There are many different things that money can buy, from needs to luxuries. The list below will examine that fact in detail, explaining the top 7 things that money can buy. The Top things that money can buy are important to everyone and can be obtained by having money. Some of the best things in life are free, but some of the best things in life can be purchased. Spending money wisely can open doors for unexpected things to happen and important goals to be accomplished.

1. Money Can Buy Self-Help Books for a Better You.

Money can buy books about anything from learning new talents and skills to motivating and healing for any person to enjoy and gain knowledge from. The best thing about this is that whenever the book has been read enough and is ready to be retired, it can be passed along to someone else that can benefit from it.

2. Money Can Buy More Valuable Money.

Money can buy more money that is valuable, rare, and collectible. When rare and collectible money is kept for long periods of time, the value increases. This means that it becomes worth more than face value. For example, silver coins made before 1964 contain real silver, whereas modern silver coins are made of clad. Many coins, including new and old, that have mistakes from printing are also worth a great amount of money.

3. Money Can Buy More Time, When it Seems Like There isn't Enough.

By purchasing time-saving products, services, and technology with money, a person can technically buy time. The time that is saved from certain things is time that can be used for accomplishing goals that will increase happiness. There are many gadgets and products that are available to save people time. For example, modernly a person can fully operate their home while away by way of a cell phone or at home with just using voice. This can include setting the thermostat, locking or unlocking the front door, and even preheating their oven. These days people need more time for family, friends, fun, and goals. So why not buy time instead of continually wasting it on all of the little things.

Here's How it Works

4. Money Can Buy a Well Needed Vacation.

This is one of the top things that money can buy because everyone needs a vacation every now and then. Many people enjoy family vacations at least once per year. A vacation to an exotic place, or even out of town, can provide a person with some time to relax and forget about the stress and worries that are back at home. Some quality time for yourself or with family/friends can keep any person from getting burnt out on work and daily responsibilities. A vacation can be helpful for a person's mind, body, and soul. Where will you take your vacation this year? It is a top thing that money can buy and well worth it too.

5. Money Can Buy Life to Live Longer.

With advances in technology during this modern era, money can buy life. There are many different medical treatments that are available to conceive a child, like infertility treatments. A person could even purchase donor eggs and/or sperm, have sperm injections, or have reproductive surgery. Adoption is another way of how money can buy life. This topic also includes people that are dying and the elderly, and how their life can be lived longer with the use of technology and the involvement of money to some degree. Now money can buy a long life, but it has not always been that way.

6. Money Can Buy Financial Freedom for a Brighter Future.

Money can buy freedom. Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. In the context of financial freedom, bills and debts can be paid in full with money, along with money in a checking and savings account, so that a comfortable lifestyle can be created. Financial freedom can pave the way for success, comfort, and even relieve certain health ailments. Freedom from debt can reduce stress, blood pressure, and anxiety. Money and bills are a necessary part of life, but debt and financial hardships are not.

7. Money Can Buy Peace of Mind.

Money can buy a peaceful mind by providing a solution to financial problems. Once all financial problems are resolved with financial stability, there is less stress and worry in a person's life. Having a peaceful mind can allow a person to think about other things, like setting goals or future accomplishments that can be done. A peaceful mind can reduce anxiety and blood pressure to a normal healthy level. When a person can think more clearly, and not about money, they can do anything and become more successful within their life. Money can have an effect on health, mentally and physically. There can be stress and worrying or happiness and peace.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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