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The Truth About "How To Make Money" Ebooks

Updated on January 23, 2011

The Allure Of How To Make Money Ebooks

There is an abundance of how to make money Ebooks sharing all sorts of how to make money methods. Each one promises to have the key to making thousands of dollars online following their simple steps. The steps are ALWAYS claimed to be simple.

How to make money Ebooks are digital "books" that claim to have the latest and greatest tips to make money online. They claim to provide information that you won't get anywhere else. They claim that if you just follow their make money online methods you too will make thousands of dollars. If you've ever seen a How To Make Money Ebook landing page you may have been impressed by the claims. The proven success the copywriter described, the money back guarantee that the methods would work.

Occasionally there will be people that will take a How To Make Money Ebook and be able to turn a good profit from it. Usually these people are actually taking the make money online methods described in the Ebook and changing and adapting them up to something a bit new. People who take an Ebook and use it to develop a newer method sometimes find success, those that try to follow the Ebook exactly rarely succeed.

You Don't Need Make Money Ebooks
You Don't Need Make Money Ebooks

Here Is Why You Will Never Make What An Ebook Claims

An Ebook is written two ways. Either the author has actually used the methods he is describing in his How to make money Ebook, or he has taken somebody elses method and rewritten it so that the Ebook author can call it his own.

The problem with each is that by the time the How To Make Money Ebook gets to you, the information is old and the market is saturated. Market saturation is the biggest killer of how to make money online methods. Market Saturation in this case means that the methods shared in a how to make money ebook are already used and abused by so many other people who where looking to make money just like you. When everyone is using the same make money online methods they don't work as well as they do when the make money methods first come out.

This means, by time you find out about the Ebook, the method is already useless as far as building an empire on it. Even if you get an Ebook right when it is released, there is no way to know until after you've paid your 39.95 that the Ebook contains fresh information.

The other problem with How To Make Money Ebooks is that the methods provided may not be right for you. There are thousands of different methods people use everyday to make money online. The reason there are so many being used is because people are all different. What is simple for one person may be difficult for another and visa versa. You won't know until after you've paid for your Ebook if it's even a method that you would be able to put into use.

The Money Back Guarantee

Ebooks usually offer a money back guarantee if you don't succeed right? Here is where they get you. If you bought an ebook and read it through but never tried the methods would you ask for a refund, if you bought the ebook, read it, tried the methods and gave up quickly, would you ask for a refund.

The truth is most people who buy Ebooks never even get the methods described off the ground enough to even be able to determine if they are successful methods or not. People give up quickly because the methods don't work right away or they didn't know enough about what was really going on in the Ebook to even try the method. People end up thinking it is their own fault that the Ebook did not help them succeed and so they feel guilty asking for a refund.

The Ebook author and their affiliates who are marketing the Ebooks are counting on this. They are counting on you feeling that there is something wrong with you and not the Ebook methods and that is why most people do not request refunds. Don't let yourself ever get caught in that trap.

You Don't Need How To Make Money Ebooks

The truth is, you really don't need How To Make Money Ebooks. Any information provided in an Ebook can be found somewhere on the internet. If you are dedicated enough to succeed with making money online, then you have the ability to find the information. People share information every day on what methods they are using to make money. For every person that's not willing to share their tricks to make money online, there is another person that will.

The real key to make money methods is to learn a great deal of the methods other people are using, and adapt them into something all your own. Take what you are able to do successfully and find ways to make money your own way.

If you skip buying Ebooks full of old information, you will have more time to read and learn the methods that are working today. The best way to find the latest tips and tricks is to read forums and message boards that relate to the types of make money methods that you like the most. Whether it be flipping websites, owning a handful of blogs, selling on Ebay, content writing, etc., there is a message board full of people who enjoy using the same money making methods you do.


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