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Tips On How To Get Free Grocery

Updated on September 7, 2020

Isn’t it a great idea to get some groceries for free especially when we are passing through a recession period? Obviously it is. Over the years we have focused on tricks and tips to save some money on grocery but it’s time to get those groceries for free. Well, I am not talking about bringing home some shopping bags full of free groceries every week rather I am talking about getting a few grocery items for free every week which will in total be a huge amount of savings every year. Investing some time and effort you can easily grab this opportunity of getting free grocery. Here are a few ways to get free grocery and to save on buying grocery.

Apply for WIC: Single mothers who need help to provide for their children should never be ashamed to apply for WIC. The full form of WIC is Women, Infants & Children. If there is any child of 5 years or less than that in your home, you can apply for WIC. If you are considered eligible, you will be provided with a plastic card just like the bridge card and using that card you will be able to buy foods like juice, cereal, cheese, milk, peanut butter and baby formula. WIC is actually income based and you should apply even if you are not sure about your eligibility.

Apply for food stamps: Food stamp is also known as SNAP which is the shorter form of ‘Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’. While thinking of applying for food stamps, pride and honor may come across your way. But, still food stamps can be a good way to feed your family when time is really tough. The process of applying for food stamps is really a quick one. Once you are approved for SNAP you will be provided with a plastic card like the WIC card instead of the paper food stamps. This plastic card has made the process even faster while drawing less attention.

Call restaurant for compliment or complaint: When you have any complaint or compliment, call restaurant to let them know. For this you may be offered a food item or meal for free. But, never do this too often as it may hamper your reputation and they may consider you as an advantage taker. Call only when you have any compliment or complaint to express.

Give feedback to suppliers: Look around your pantry and make a list of grocery that you really love and need quiet often. Now collect the supplier’s addresses from the items and write your feedback to them. Take your time to write those feedbacks so that the suppliers find your comments valuable and thus you can receive free shopping coupon quiet often from the suppliers. Also write to them if you have any complaint and make them clear about the issue. But, never write anything unnecessary or irrelevant.

Fill up comment card: Whenever there is an opportunity to fill out comment card, just do it. Stores and restaurants sometimes evaluate their comment cards and send gift certificate to their valued customers who made important feedback. Using this gift certificate you can buy grocery items for free. So, fill out the cards with your personal details, time, date and store address and you may be one of those lucky customers.

But, unfortunately groceries that you need most may not be available for free all the time and therefore you should also give importance on how you can effectively lower the grocery cost and save money on buying grocery. Here are a few tips for you to get groceries for free or at a very low price.

  • Make a habit of studying sales paper. Mark the items you need and then try to be sure whether you have a coupon to match with those groceries.
  • Preplan of shopping trip is important. Organize your coupons in a systematic way and make sure you have the coupons pre-clipped.
  • Try to use your coupon wisely. Don’t waste them for items that are less necessary. Try to make all your shopping trips worth your money and time.
  • Try to take advantage from the rebate offers. You will have to purchase the items first to try a company’s product but then the company will send you a rebate check back through mail.
  • You should also consider buying clearance items as most of those items are marked very low and you can get some groceries even for free.
  • When your coupon says you can buy items of any size, you should go for smaller items as you can easily capitalize on that.
  • There are some stores that offer double coupon amount and you can get double the items your coupon allows you to get. Find out those stores in your area and increase your purchasing power using coupon.
  • When there is offers like ‘buy one get one free’, I try to use my coupons on that. Thus I buy the item using coupon and get some extra units or free.
  • Stores allow customers to use both store coupon and manufacturer coupon together and you should take advantage from this.

Shopping for free groceries takes time as you need to collect those coupons and organize them in your way. Even if you are thinking of applying for WIC or SNAP, it will take some time and in between this you should consider studying the other options mentioned in the article for effective budget management.

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