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Useful tips to earn extra money

Updated on January 11, 2012

Resources plenty

Earning money has never been easier, as there are lots of opportunities cropping up daily. If you know the trick, you can earn an extra income which will come handy in paying your bills or mortgages. Internet gives you immense opening to earn some easy money from the comfort of your home. It is nice to be with the family and also to earn extra money.

Do you have talent for writing, and then you can write some good articles and submit it to the articles directories. If you are able to churn up informative and useful articles regularly, it will gradually build a good residual income. You can also write articles for magazines and newspapers if you feel your articles will be catchy and popular.

If you have the ability to teach it gives you an excellent opportunity to earn nice money. You can inform your neighbors and friends that you are willing to take tuitions in the evening .Believe me, in India it is a good side income as many parents send their children to such tuition as it will make them study their lessons daily. Parents who both work and do not have the time to guide their children in their lessons will be keener to send their children to you.

If you know how to play some musical instruments, you can have musical classes in your home. The advantage is that you can have these musical classes in the weekends and as there is no age limit, you can have lots of students. Cookery classes are another opportunity and if you know cuisines from various countries, you can earn a handful of money by taking classes. As men are getting very interested in cooking, there will no dearth of students.

If you have lots of contacts, you can enter the field of selling used cars and the commission is attractive and lucrative. All you need is a good salesmanship talk and a persuasive attitude. There is no physical work and it all depends on how you are able to contact the right person and if you are able to sell at least one car, it is neat money and if you are able to sell more cars, it is big money.

If you have space in your house, it is your space for earning money. You can grow vegetables in an organic way and sell it for a good price. As people are becoming very health conscious, they will be more than willing to pay for chemical free vegetables.

I have a cousin who has a talent for Tanjore painting, a unique art of South India. She sells the paintings she draws for a good price and teaches how to do it and trust me; she earns a lot of money as she is very talented in it. You too might have such talent and it will bring in some handy money if you teach others.

As you see, opportunities are aplenty and all you have to do is to choose your interest and start earning. It will make you feel good to be able to earn some extra money from your hobby and it will give a personal satisfaction as it is your talent and capacity that has made you earn some extra cash which will be handy and useful for some essential needs.


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    • TwilightDream profile image

      TwilightDream 6 years ago from Chennai, India

      'Invest your interest! Reep good reward!!' I think this hub is very motivating to all who are interested in earning extra money. Keep writing!