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VectorVest Stock Analysis Software Information

Updated on January 8, 2011

VectorVest, Inc.
20472 Chartwell Center Drive
Suite D
Cornelius, NC 28031

VectorVest provides stock analysis software packages that combine the fundamental analysis valuation with the power of technical analysis. It combines powerful graphing features, portfolio management tools, and an entire suite of back-testing and investing analysis tools, as well everything that you will need to make educated decisions for investment and trading.

The VectorVest Viewers give an instant analysis of over 8,000 Stocks, 190 Industry Groups, and 40 Business Sectors. You choose to display over 8 years of historical data. You can also analyze, sort, and rank stocks, industry groups, and business sectors on Value, Timing, Price, Safety, Volume, Earnings, Rates, Growth, and other parameters.

Utilize a number of Graphing tools which are available to help you analyze stocks, industries and business sectors. The Field List Selector allows you to display any of the built-in VectorVest Parameters, create your own custom fields, or up to 3 fully-customizable Moving Averages.


Vector Vest information:

• Focus on the Stocks That You Want to Watch
WatchLists are selected lists of stocks that you choose and put, which are sub-sets of the VectorVest U.S. database.

• Track or Paper-Trade Your Portfolio
You can track multiple portfolios of your stocks, or paper-trade (backtest) an investment strategy.

Vector Vest Stock Analysis Software

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