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Ways to Save Money by Getting Free Cable

Updated on July 23, 2010

You and I both know that cable is not exactly on the inexpensive side of things. I know prior to where I stay at now that I didn't even have cable for over a year. Did I save money by not having cable? Sure I did. Did I miss out on anything by not having cable? I sure didn't. So what did I do in place of cable?

Elimination Ways to Save More on Cable Bill

First off, here's an easy way to save any amount of money when it comes to the cable bill and that is simply to eliminate it all together. In other words, cut the darn thing off. You don't need cable anyway. Over 50% of what they show on cable is not worth a penny anyway. How many channels in your package are you actually watching? What percent? So eliminate it and seek alternatives.

Belkin Alternative Ways to Save Money on Cable Bill

A lot of channels have it where you can watch episodes on their website. Yep. Don't like to watch through your laptop or desktop, then get one of those cables that you can connect to your TV and watch it on your larger TV screen. Of course your TV would need to have the PC-to-TV hookup. I know LG plasma televisions have this hookup. Panasonic plasma's do, too. The cable is I think seven bucks at Fry's Electronic. I got the cable some long time ago. So don't know what they sell for now at Fry's. Amazon has the one I bought (Belkin F2N028-06 VGA Monitor Replacement Cable) for 5.39 + free shipping and if you buy them used for $2.99.

Ways to Save Money Getting Cable Free

Before you sign a lease, get cable included for free. They have deals here in Austin where apartments are giving away free cable. People who own houses or other real estate, well I'd say choose the first option I mentioned and go Belkin (in the paragraph after the first way. I have cable now but it's included with my rent payment. It came with the place so not like I'm paying for it anyway. I get a little bit over 20 channels. Yea not a huge package. But my favorite shows are on only two channels: TNT and USA. I watch those channels faithfully. I love detective shows. I do have ShowTime I and II. But man, boring movies come on those channels that the owners of those channels would be lucky if I even so much as considered turning to their channel. When I had a larger package, that I actually paid for I still wasn't watching even 50% of those channels. So basically just wasted money on garbage channels; nothing worth my while nor penny. But again not paying for cable now. I do watch Discovery every now and then. But every day it's TNT or USA 99.99% of the time.

Summary of ways to Save Money on Cable

That's how I go about saving on cable, by not paying for it. Simple as that. And I've presented some alternative ways to save money that you can implement starting now if you wanted to like getting that cable that will enable you to hook up your computer to your TV and then you can get online and watch the shows and movies you like completely free unless you choose something like Netflix to stream movies. Either way it is still a heck of a lot less money than paying for cable. Don't take my word for it, do the math.


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