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Weird Ways to Save Money on Water

Updated on July 19, 2010

I recall reading a short article about a relatively small family and how they went about consuming water. I found this to be quite interesting to say the least. But more than likely not something I'd put into practice myself largely because I don't use much water anyway. But for those of you who do use a great deal of water, you might want to have a read and all the rest just read as entertainment or just for information's sake. You never know, one idea usually triggers the next. So you can use it as brainstorming-food so to speak.

One Way of Cutting Back on Water to Save More Money

Take a bath and when you do share bath water with other family members. Nasty isn't it?! Maybe it's just me but just the thought of it makes me cringe. I recall having to share bath water with one other kid when I lived in Idaho. This was decades ago. Wasn't the most comfortable situation to be in. But the lady was babysitting me, my siblings, along with some other kids at her house while all of our parents were off having a moment of leisure. So when bath time came, she chose to have two kids bathe together at one time. She was bathing or watching kids bathe in groups of two. I suppose that made it easier for her and cut the time done. Additionally, I'm guessing her reason was to save money on her water bill as well. I got coupled with another child who was a bit older than I was. I was probably like 5 or 6 years old. The other kid was about a year or two older than myself, I think. The bath time was short and in shallow water. The tub definitely wasn't filled up, probably about an inch to two inches high. It was shallow that's all I know. Wasn't enough to cover my legs.

Now the family's in that article I read, said the parents would at times bath with their children. This helped them save on water, thus saving money. In addition, the younger children are bathed a couple times each week. What makes a good heap of sense is, depending on the location which you reside and your daily activity level, you may be able to get by bathing once per week. If you are really active, then well you'll want to bathe more. So I guess, lessen your daily activity levels so you can take less bathes, thus saving more money on your water bill. The other benefit mentioned by this particular parent, some several years back, was that doing so helped their children's skin from drying out. Does it work? I haven't a clue. But if you're game, then you can try it out and let us know the results of that experiment.

Leftover Bath Water Ways to Save Money

The other idea this particular family used to conserve water (saving money on their water bills) was instead of draining the bath water once done, to keep it and use to flush the toilet. The amount of water remaining was enough to cover just one day's worth of flushing. If they had a backyard swimming pool, they all could just jump right in and bathed and had plenty of water left over to flush the toilet with to last them longer than just a day. I'm so curious how low that family's water bill was each month and how often they kept up with their routine. Did it save them more money than a single person who lives alone? I can only wonder. But I sure am glad they didn't go drinking the water, too.

How Practical Are these Ways to Save Money on Water

Now, I am unaware of just how practical this is. But if a family has already claimed to do this sort of thing, then obviously it is practical on some level. At least for that family it is/was. In which case, then I'm sure people could save more money by putting this into play in their lives and see a drop in their water bill a great deal. By how much? I couldn't tell you. But theoretically speaking, it appears to be a way to save money.

It's interesting -- people I mean, and their ways to save money. These ways triggered at least one idea in my mind that I've mentioned outside of what that one family does. But maybe something in this article has triggered an even better way to save more money on your water bill. And if so, feel free to share what that idea is.


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