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Are Captcha Jobs Legit? Can You Make Money Doing Captcha Jobs from Home?

Updated on December 23, 2016

To get started, captchas are defined as textual images in which you enter letters and/or numbers that appear in order to access a particular web page. They also typically provide an audio button to hear the letters and/or numbers instead of viewing them for those who need or desire it. In addition, they always have a button for refreshing the captcha image in case it is difficult for you to see, since many are intentionally jumbled up to ensure they cannot be interpreted by a text robot or script. Sometimes, you need to refresh it due to glitches in which the image does not match the input that the captcha is looking for.

Captchas Restrict Automation

Moving on, captchas are designed to prevent machines or hackers from repeatedly attempting to access a webpage, website, or specific functions. It is used to prove that a human wants access. This mainly prevents automated machines and robots from getting in. Only humans who visually see the captcha and input the necessary information can access the page or feature of the site.

Captcha Jobs Require A Lot of Time and Work

When it comes to captcha jobs, they are basically easy jobs to make money that anyone can do, regardless of what your background is. You simply go to an assigned website, log in, and start entering captchas as they appear on the screen. Generally, you get paid to enter captchas, but it takes thousands before it is usually worth the effort, if it is at all. Therefore, you would have to enter thousands of captchas per day just to earn enough for a decent lunch. However, some job posters are giving a sign up bonus to get you in. After all, they want you badly. This basically means that you will not make much money, but may get a free meal out of it after 1-2 days of work. Is it really worth it?

Is Captcha Work Legal, Legitimate, Safe, and Worthwhile?

Captcha jobs are usually built or created to draw you in with unrealistic claims of money and easy work, stating that you can make good money doing captchas. Captcha jobs are not really legal because you are giving a hacker access to captcha web pages so they can hack into the website.

Captchas Restrict Website Access or Results to Humans, Not Machines or Scripts

Furthermore, these days, a lot of servers and websites try to restrict server access abuse, such as Google search engines, keyword creation websites and tools, community commenting sites, repetitious login attempts, etc. They need the bandwidth for human interaction, not repetitive login attempts by scripts or machines, or even repetitive attacks from programmed codes and machines that try to provide someone the "edge" over competitors to give them more results or action capabilities through simultaneous operations.

By helping someone through a captcha income job, you are potentially giving them a free ticket to ride without restrictions. So if it isn't something like a free ride, it is giving them access to do malicious things or steal important information. So for you, it may not be worth your while, even it you could possibly get lucky enough to make decent money doing captchas.

Doing Captcha Work from Home Makes You The Guilty Party

Aside from any above information, captcha jobs are not safe because you are the one hacking into a website while they hide away silently with no evidence. In different terms, you are the one cracking the security system at the store so they can get in and steal or vandalize. Lastly, the jobs are not really legit, mainly because you are really just assisting a hacker. Numerous people behind these jobs claim you can make $300 or more per month or even per week or day doing easy work. In the real world; you would have to do nothing else with your life if you want to make that much money from captcha jobs.


Who Creates Online Captcha Jobs and What are They For?

Aside from working endlessly, captcha jobs are usually created by hackers as mentioned above for getting into websites to do unethical or illegal things. It can be anything from a single hacker to a small team or even a hacker group that often have a specific goal in mind. These particular job posters basically use you to get into other websites, account logins, or specific website functions. In a nutshell, you open the doorway to these opportunities for each and every captcha you enter.

Most captcha job posters either claim big money, or simply lure you in with a different job listing or advertisement to trick you and get you in the door. From there, they motivate you to go ahead and do the job, which isn’t the original job mentioned. If you have never tried it before, don’t. It’s a waste of your time and you would be making it easier for hackers to get into other websites and cause damage to not only the site's reputation or services, but also the users that access it.

In summary, these captcha job posters are basically putting you at risk by making you liable for the actions, while they anonymously gain the benefits.

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Where Are Captcha Work Sites and Jobs, and What Should You Watch Out For?

As previously mentioned, if a job listing or advertisement leads to something totally different, it is probably captcha jobs.

Captcha work sites and job posts usually require:

  • Perfect fluent English speakers
  • Fast typers
  • Dedicated workers
  • And people who properly follow instructions

Captcha job posts usually offer:

  • Unlimited income
  • Good money for data entry jobs
  • Easy jobs from home
  • Acceptance to newbies with no experience
  • And more

Those are a few of the signals you need to watch out for that raise a red flag. As a bonus, they usually welcome newbies. Why wouldn't they, right? In reality; you don’t need any special skills, except English. But they often try to make it look professional.

Data Entry Jobs for Copying Data are Often a Red Flag

Also, any claims to make good money in data entry for copying data are usually captchas. Most responsible, reputable jobs don't claim that you will make good money. Another possible red flag involves odd job descriptions that claim suspecting information in which you find yourself questioning.

Aside from that, if you do inquire on a job and it tells you to login first with the given username and password; that is typically a captcha job too. The most common websites for captcha jobs can be strange, unprofessional websites or even client/contractor websites.

Ask Questions but Be Clever

If you suspect something is not right, ask questions. But be clever with how you ask because they could almost say anything. Regardless of this, many jobs are truly legitimate and when it comes to client/contractor websites; they have many real opportunities and would normally be willing to answer questions, no matter what they are.

Be Smart with Money Making Jobs and Stay Protected

In closing, simply be careful with money making jobs out there, especially those claiming big money. Do you research first before getting excited about an opportunity and ask questions first, if possible? If you find yourself caught into a captcha job, simply don’t do the job.

In a nutshell, you will be committing the crime, not the employer/hacker. Lastly, you are the identifiable one, not them. It’s hard to catch a ghost, but not a physical human whom is using an IP address, has a legal name, and who is doing the dirty work.

We welcome your comments and would love to hear your input.

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    • mariacolomy profile image

      Maria Colomy 15 months ago from Nashville, TN

      I'm not sure about the hacking piece, but originally the recaptcha (the ones that are actual words) are used by AI technology like google books. In essence, you're helping translate things that scanned weird - you're helping to digitize books.

      I'd assume this type of work could yield some legitimate work - but certainly not high paying.

    • profile image

      Kenyetta 23 months ago

      Thank You So Much for this information.

    • profile image

      Rehan 2 years ago

      Well, Thanks for the information, but some software which made by the hackers automatically accessing the websites to do bad activities, to prevent that automatic process captchas are important, these entries of captchas can be used for protection as well, people who work on security they also need these entries to make check whether this is human bieng or any other auto process. The question is that can it be use for positive purpose as well?? thanks....

    • profile image

      Ninja 2 years ago

      Thanks for this information. However, I already started doing captcha jobs and when I read this article, i stopped and uninstall the software. Is there anyway I can report the one who caused me to do the job so i can clean my name?please help me

    • profile image

      dawar 3 years ago

      i have great need of money .is there any other way through which i earn money...

    • profile image

      dawar 3 years ago

      i have great need of work is there any other online work through which i earn money...

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      Thanks a lot, really helpful. I was looking for this answer as I have just enrolled in one such activity. But honestly I have not started anything so far.

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      Johne475 3 years ago

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      vvvmmmsssw 3 years ago

      thanx buddy.. good infn..i just plannd 2 do the work...


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      Johnk554 3 years ago

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      Johnk345 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Basnth k 3 years ago

      Thanks for this valuable information. Now I got the real picture behind the Captcha.

    • profile image

      Peimun 4 years ago

      Thank you salamm for sharing this very useful information.

    • profile image

      kumari 4 years ago

      thanks for your article i have clearly understood about these jobs

    • profile image

      Rama 4 years ago

      This is the Good information you provided for me, It will be very useful for who are looking for captcah works, thanks

    • profile image

      Eva 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for this very helpful information. I never want to be doing other people's dirty work and I hate it when they lure you into it. I don't want to do any dishonest work and it's unfair that people do not give the right info about their offers. I had an offer for this job and it's a good thing I came across your informative article! God bless you. Keep up the good work.

    • vibesites profile image

      vibesites 5 years ago from United States

      Before, I was seriously thinking of applying to one of those online captcha jobs when I was still pretty much staying at home. I even tried a demo at and I found out that I could do good on this. But I hesitated because I wondered if there was really such a job and what was really that for, cos I couldn't think of a decent purpose from doing captcha encoding. Thanks for giving me that caution that it's a shady trick by hackers. Voted up, useful and shared. :)

    • E.M. Hughes profile image

      E.M. Hughes 5 years ago from Kentucky

      This is excellent information! Thanks for your article and information. It's really great to be able to read honest information. I guess that when it comes to Captcha jobs if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! Thanks again!