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What Are Some Clever Banana Peel Uses

Updated on February 19, 2014
Banana Peel Uses
Banana Peel Uses

The banana peel, just like tea bags, and orange peel has some amazing qualities that will definitely make you think twice the next time you toss it in the bin.

Here are some of what we believe to be the best banana peel uses for you consider trying.

Bananas and their skin (a.k.a. peel) are not typically known for being anything other than a nourishing fruit high in potassium. There are however a number of clever ways that banana peel can be used and reused;

  1. Plant Nutrient: Banana peel is a common compost bin contributor, but have you considered burying it directly in the soil with your plants? You can even make your own nutrient-rich fertiliser by placing the peel into a jar and covering it with water. The enzymes will seep into the water and each time you feed your plants, add 150ml or so of the ‘banana peel water’ to your watering can.
  2. Polish & Shine: You can polish your shoes, and even the put a shine on the leaves of your houseplants with banana peel. Probably not the most common of ideas but at least there are alternatives around in case you run out of store-bought products or prefer to avoid the ‘spit and polish’ routine.
  3. Skin Relief: Rub the inside of the banana peel onto scratches or itchy bites to relieve the condition. Acts in a similar way to aloe vera.
  4. Wart & Splinter Remover: This is one that many people swear by. Cut a piece of banana peel big enough to cover the wart (or splinter) area and attach it with a bandaid. Continue to refresh / replace as need be until it is gone.
  5. Deter Aphids: Aphids, those tiny little bugs that just love roses, do not like banana peels. Try hanging some around the fence line near your roses and it will deter them from visiting.
  6. Compost: Banana peels break down rather fast in compost (unlike orange peels) and can be a wonderful addition to your compost.
  7. Garden Food: Dry banana peels and rip them up or cut in a food processor and sprinkle in your garden as a great nutrient.
  8. Psoriasis: If you suffer with psoriasis, try rubbing the inside of the banana peel on the skin area affected (up to twice a day) as a natural moisturiser and you will start to see results.

Do you have your own DIY creative uses for banana peels? Share them with us!

Looking For More Clever Uses

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