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What is Bubblews? How to Make Money Fast on Bubblews

Updated on July 15, 2013

Becoming more of a regular on Hubpages again, I came across a published hub comparing Hubpages vs Bubblews. I was wondering what is Bubblews?

After I heard about; something that I have never knew of before, I thought I would read about it and see what Bubblews is. I thought if it is another online money making website then I may give it a try. It turned out to be an online money making site that apparently paid very well compared to Hubpages.

After using Bubblews for just over a week, I earned a total of $40 in five days! I had to put in a lot of hard work into making connections and interacting with other 'Bubblers'. My efforts were justified. Logo Logo | Source

The History of Bubblews

  1. New revenue sharing site with a 50/50 split of earnings established in February of 2012
  2. Free to join and anyone can join
  3. Get paid for every view, like/dislike, comment and share that your posts gets
  4. Redeem your earning when you reach $25 (some members are earning up to $20 per day)
  5. Get paid via check, VISA gift card or PayPal

Bubblews was established in February of 2012, so it is still a very young company. Since it took off, the social network feel website has been moving forward like a juggernaut.

Who is the CEO of Bubblews? The CEO of Bubblews is Arvind Dixit. There isn't much about him around the internet as of yet, but as this new innovative company grows, he will become more and more popular.

How to Make Money on Bubblews

Using Bubblews is very simple. It is like using Facebook, the social network, where you submit a post over 400 characters, not words, and depending on how many 'connections' you have, you will instantly see your bank grow.

I have listed everything you need to know on how to make money on Bubblews.

  • Sign up - As soon as you sign up, you get $1 instantly added to your account.
  • Submit post - Your post has to be your ORIGINAL work and not copied from anywhere on the internet. To submit a post is very simple. Just write something, anything, to get started, but make sure that the characters are always over 400 and nothing below that. If you go below then you will violate the terms of use and you may not get paid when you come to redeem. I recommended my friend to write a welcome post, for example how he came to join Bubblews, why he joined etc... As soon as you submit one post, you will instantly start getting likes and maybe comments too. Never add links to external sites, for example to your blog, news site, your social network sites etc. YOU WILL NOT GET PAID! Only use links within Bubblews, for example a link to your other posts or someone else's posts.
  • Connect with other Bubblers - I managed to spend a whole weekend connecting with over 400 people! This proved to be very profitable for me because I was getting a lot of 'likes' and comments coming my way. I made sure I wrote some quality posts though, because although 99% of posts on Bubblews is gibberish, the other 1% will read, comment on and also like your posts and will return every time. You have to remember that your traffic are those people who are using Bubblews, posting what they like and making you cents. You may never get external traffic unless you have lots of friends on social network sites who will find your work interesting.
  • Use Tags - You have to use tags to make sure they're in the right categories. The symbol '+' has to be used before every word that you want to tag, and never use any other character before or after the tagged word. as an example, to tag +Bubblews I used the '+' before the word but I made sure there is a space after the last letter. This makes the tag valid and categorises your post into the relevant category. One word of advice, DON'T overdo it on tags and make sure they're relevant to the subject. If you want to tag someone else into your post, then you have to use '&' immediately before their name. So, &gmiah and nothing before or after it. This creates a link to their profile.

Notifications on Bubblews
Notifications on Bubblews | Source
  • Notifications and Repetition - The notifications will be impossible for you to keep up with because there is no breakdown. All your notifications will be in one slot which includes new posts, comments on your posts, comments on your comments, likes, dislikes, your name being mentioned. When I connected with over 400 hundred people I got over 2,000 notifications within two hours! Take it slow if you want, but I managed to deal with them and ended up making $40 within a few days. Now I am making on average $7 per day by submitting maximum 4 posts per day. You will notice people posting same or similar things over and over again, just ignore it! that's what people do at Bubblews. Everyone shares their stats regularly most days, which can be interesting sometimes.
  • Submitting Posts - When you first start off do not submit more than 3 posts per day. Make your connections, like their posts and comment on them. This way you will leave them a trail to visit your posts and return the favour. The way it works at Bubblews is 'you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours'. If you don't build up your connections after submitting at least three quality posts, then you will be struggling from the beginning. So make sure you are connected well, then you will see the bank grow quicker. Try to post very interesting posts and not about your daily goings on in the beginning.I started sharing some cool buildings in the 'Cool' category and I managed to get quite a few likes.
  • Name the source - Always name the source of where you got any images from that you are using in your posts. If you don't do this you may be violating their rules and may not get paid.
  • Don't get Addicted! - I got addicted to it, maybe that's why I made $40 in a very short time. Since pressing the redeem button though I have managed to slow down a little.

Popular Tags Used at Bubblews

Bubblers use a lot of popular tags. Below are a few that get mentioned in nearly every post.

  • Bubblews
  • Bubblers
  • Bubble
  • Bubbling
  • Bubblewers

One very important action you must take is as soon as you register and go on to your account, make sure you 'own' your username. Don't worry, this is nothing to worry about! Someone takes other people's username, but it is useless to him.

Make your username as your tag so that you can have any of your posts in one tag if you wish. Of course you will use other tags to categorise your posts, but if you have your own you can also add them to that too.

What to do - Go to 'My Hub', click on 'BubblePulse!' and then you will end up on a page with lots of bubbles. Between the bubbles and next to 'How does it work', you will find two boxes.

In the title add your username how you'd like it. For example my username is 'gmiah' and because mine was 'stolen' so to speak, I had to pick a different one. I used 'G_Miah' so I am the proud owner of my own tag!

Is Bubblews a Scam?

If you search the internet about whether Bubblews is a scam or not you will find many different views. I wasn't really bothered by this allegation towards Bubblews because my bank balance kept on growing.

It wasn't until I was waiting for their acknowledgement about my redemption that I became doubtful. You will find that many people submit posts saying they haven't been paid, it's delayed etc. It could happen to anyone. The main reason some people don't get paid is because they probably violated one or more of Bubblews rules.

The Bubblews rules are easy and simple to follow.

From the reviews and comments on other sites reviewing you will find more people get paid than not.

When I pressed my redemption button for $26 Dollars I had to wait 4 days to get an email from via Paypal that my payment has come through. The money isn't in the Paypal account yet, but it will be soon.

I pressed the redeem button twice within 4 days, which added up to $51 Dollars, which I thought wasn't a bad start. You can do it too if you follow some of the steps laid out above.

My conclusion on whether is a scam or not is that it isn't a scam. Go ahead and start BUBBLING, but make sure you follow the rules.

Good luck on Bubblews!


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