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What operations can I perform on the stock market?

Updated on January 31, 2011

n the securities markets can
perform different types of securities transactions
values of both (1) Cash as a (2)
Term, as the system of negotiation
As an example we take the concepts
System Operations Securities
These operations allow a person
arrange the purchase or sale of a quantity
certain securities at a price
Currently, the few are agreed
to be settled by a single period of 72
hours or (T +3).
In all cases, operations are performed
in the schedule established by the Board of Directors
operate the following securities:
• Actions
• Title of Fixed Income
° Obligations Negotiable
Homepage More trading securities
It also provides concluding
settlement transactions: pesos, dollars
dollars or transfer between accounts
located abroad.

Forward transactions are those
agreed on a given date, are settled
longer than the spot (more than 72
As settlement is widespread in the
time therefore poses a risk to the
Stock Exchange Buenos Aires which
settlement guarantees. Those involved in
them must be guarantees satisfaction
which are determined by the Board of
Merval, according to circumstances
through the square at all times.
Futures Operations are those
in which the buyer and seller
conclude the operation on a
are definitely determined and
obliged, setting a deadline for
Pass Stock as a single contract
implemented in one or more settlements,
which involves the purchase or sale of cash
or for a specified period of a species and
the simultaneous sale or reverse operation
purchase of the same species, for the same
principal and in a later maturity

The bond market is a pass in which the
cash sales price is lower than
contributions and results from gauging fixing
Merval periodically, and is also the
sales price term, exceeding the
cash sales.
Operations force whose
Indexes underlying assets are:
Negotiating Term Value Index
Options on Value Term Index
In both cases the negotiation replicates
criteria used for operations
futures and options on securities, with
some special technical specifications,
that can be analyzed in circulars
Securities lending is a contract
through which an Agent or Operator
Bag is called the "Placement" is
to be transferred temporarily
ownership of certain securities to another
Trader or broker who is called
the "taker", who in turn forces the
expiry of the deadline to return
the first, other securities of the same station, agreed and economic rights

HAVE values generated during
the contract.
Titles can be its own portfolio of
Agents and Brokerage Firms, or
principals. In the latter case, "the
Underwriter "required under
written specifically for the client
The securities in this operative
can only be used by "the Insured"
to facilitate settlement of trades
previously agreed at the Merval, and
a maximum period of 5 trading days.
Short selling is one operation
short sale concerted
spot market with titles on Campus
borrowed securities during the
same trading session.
The short sale transactions can be retained for a period of up to 365 days.

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