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Why Are My Ebay Internet Sales High On Monday?

Updated on February 11, 2012

 If you've noticed that your Ebay sales are higher on a particular day then you are looking at the right things to becoming a better ebayer. Analysing your ebay sales is a great way to increase sales, you will start to see trends and elaborate on them you'll also use methods to increase sales in weaker areas of your ebay business. Ebay sales for many are higher on Monday and Tuesday. Why is this? Surely the most popular days to make sales is on the weekend when nobody is at work? It isn't. I analysed this to see why I was making more sales on Monday and Tuesday and why sales dwindled off throuhout the week untill the next Monday came around. In this hub we're going to look at why sales are increased on a Monday and what we can do to bring up sales throughout the week. This dramatically increase your sales.

 So if you thought the weekend was the busiest time to make sales lets have a look why it isn't. Not many people work on the weekeind so there's time to browse the internet. True but if someone works 9-5 Monday to friday their social activities will be done on the weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday night will be spent going out, spending time with family, doing DIY, washing the car, going shopping, grocery shopping. Have a think what you do on the weekend and how much time you get to spend on the internet buying goodies. So the first analysis is that one reason why the weekend is not the most popular selling days is because this is many only free time to do anything they can.

Another aspect of why Monday and Tuesday are popular days is because the reason someone may be buying is because of something they may have done on the weekend. Doing social activities like mentioned above give people reason to buy. Washing the car for instance on a Sunday morning could highlight that they want a new jet wash, or polishing kit. Doing all your activities on the weekend can give many people reason to go on ebay and buy.

Postage. Many people do not buy from Wednesday onwards because of the thought of not having the item and having to wait a week to receive the item. Many Ebay sellers do not send their items out same day or in even next day. So if you buy something Wednesday and the seller agrees to post the item out 2 working days after purchase made then if you bought the item late wednesday night, Thursday would count as the first working day, Friday the second you may be lucky if a seller sends out on a Friday and very rarely do sellers send out on a Saturday. So this is another reason why people buy on Monday, they are more likely to receive the item within a few days.

Time people go on the internet. It is well known on ebay that you should have your auctions finish after 8pm on any given day. So we've established that Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night are very sociable nights. We've also established that many are put off buying on Wednesday onwards due to not receiving items before the weekend.

Monday blues: Everyone hates Mondays so what better way to pick yourself up than a bit of retail thereapy. People get home from work and want to chill and look at stuff that will get them excited and another reason why eBay is humming on a Monday night.

How to monetise this knowledge

 So you now know why people buy more on Mondays what can you do to increase your sales throughout the week? Easy peasey! Using these tips I am about to show you will also set you apart from the rest  and increase sales.

Offer same day postage: A great way to get sales later in the week and also hike sales up in general is to offer same day postage. This also has another sales boosting technique. You may be thinking same day postage is impossible but this is where you need to push yourself. You don't have to offer sameday postage for orders right up untill 5pm but what you can do is say that all orders before 2pm will be sent same day or if you feel you can deal with orders up to 3pm put that or what ever is feasable to you. Now what this also does is get peoples buying triggers firing. If someone lands on your listing and they see that it will be sent same day and they are within the time you're willing to send out they are more likely to impulse buy and not look anywhere else.

Offer worlwide postage. Overseas buyers do not care what day it is to buy an item when they know that they will have to wait longer than usual. Offering worlwide postage dramatically increases your traffic because you will be seen by so many more buyers.

Use auctions to pull in buyers on your weaker days. By starting and finishing "penny auctions" on your weaker days to pulls in traffic in the droves, Once they are in your penny auction listing send them to your fixed priced items in your shop.

Even if your ebay sales are doing well throughout the week, applying these techniques above will dramatically increase your sales. These are easy and free techniques and you can apply them right now.


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    • AllSuretyBonds profile image

      AllSuretyBonds 7 years ago

      Great Hub. Your thoughts and ideas make perfect sense to me. I agree that with purchasing on Monday, they may be able to receive the item by the end of the week.