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Why Doesn't Obama Understand Spending?

Updated on January 27, 2011

Is Obama Ignorant or Just Act Like It?

Why does Obama act like he is stupid or or is he just plain ignorant to the fact that not only can we not spend to much money but he can not spend to much money either and like us he has to tighten his belt when it comes to paying bills, having to many government departments and not higher government employees at astronomical numbers in wages, much higher than the private sector. Then has the balls to come out with the " I am going to freeze pay hikes or two years", like it means something.

He says he wants to be free of foreign oil, but fails to say we can use our own oil. He thinks we all can afford $42,000 electric cars and that's going to save us money. Oh yea, we are all going to use solar and turbine energy at the un-godly prices they are charging to install these monsters. He just does not quit. He is and we are made of money. The US owes more money than it ever has and continues to borrow daily from China. But Obama is going to show you the money? From where is he going to get it this time.

Do you really think every high school grad is going to college or is Obama dreaming again. The reason for insurance til they are twenty six is not about is about putting Insurance Companies out of business. When they drop Algebra and the like from High School Curricular and just make it there for the students that require it in their future kids are not going to be interested in school and they are going to continue to drop out. Make it creative for the students so they will enjoy it more is my suggestion. 

It's time to shut down some of these stupid government depts. in the government that are bilking the country out of billions of dollars. Time to revamp this Health Care monster he had created by his cronies and others you've never even heard of.

Another good example is the Post Office. The employees are way over payed, the retirement money is ridiculous and the postage is outlandish. I say shut them down and move on. Open up another with pay more in line with the private sector so it's not losing billions of tax payers dollars annually.

Get the Banks to operate on a level that is inline with a starving economy that is trying to recover. Not a Banking System that keeps their money for commission and bonus checks only.

Let drill for oil in Anwar using US companies where only 2000 acres out of 19 million are needed and the animals will not be in danger and lets also make it possible for our farmers and ranchers to go back to work without being put out of work by restrictions and economical quirks drummed up by some stupid ecologists. Stop sacrificing for animals where humans are neglected.

Lets get real people and lets take it to the top! Stupidity and ideology never got anything done properly. Lets get the government to actually study or put the right people in where they will do some good. Lets get the Janet Nepolitano's out of where they do not belong and the Hillary Clinton's where they will do some good. Just try and picture this...Hillary Clinton sitting across from the wealthy leader of a country where their women are thought of when it is time for sex or having children and actually listening to her spit out orders to this mighty ruler...Please. Picture Nepalitano saying the borders are more secure than they have ever been and making believe it is true. This is pathetic. We were a mighty country until we got strung out all over the world without a plan and then Obama sat his buttocks in the high chair.

China has us behind the eight ball now and they know it. If they call in our notes we are sunk. We must do something about producing more exports, taxing imports and reducing our debt as fast as we can or we are in real trouble. Also this health care plan needs to be on the back burner until we are recovered fully my friends. There are some good points but lets not sink the ship for a few good points. Do you agree or not?

Lets grow America.


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    • profile image

      jim troyer 6 years ago

      so true, but what can we do about it....whoever you vote for dont seem to cure our problems