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Work From Home: Make Money Through Online Writing

Updated on April 7, 2015
The Road To Success
The Road To Success

Why Join Hubpages?

About three years ago I quit my job as a high school English teacher to stay home and raise my children. That was when I started my personal blog, purely for fun. Then, someone introduced me to Hubpages, a place where I could share my ideas and possibly generate a passive income doing something I was already doing: writing.

I started writing and publishing articles on Hubpages a year and a half ago. In that time I have only published twenty-two hubs. I would estimate that I've spent no more than sixty hours in total writing, editing, and publishing these articles. My habit is to write for an hour or two on Saturday mornings, with a cup of coffee and quiet house.

It took me a full six months to finally generate my first $50 payout checkpoint from Hubpages. This is paid via PayPal and is considered taxable income. Hubpages will issue you a 1099 and as a "freelance" writer, you are responsible to pay both the employer and the employee portions of social security tax in addition to federal and possibly state income tax on it. (Keep that in mind before blowing your Hubpages income before April 15th!)

Due to a little bit of work and a little bit of luck, today, I average between $30 and $40 a month in Hubpages earnings. Remember, this is passive income. I am making this money based on articles that are already written. I might do a little maintenance here and there, but the bulk of the work is complete, and I get a nice bonus at the end of every month.

Think this is something you want to try?

What Is Hubpages?

Well, you are looking at it.

Basically, Hubpages is a user-generated content, revenue sharing website. You join. You write articles (like blog entries) in pre-templated "hubs" and Hubpages not only publishes them for you, but promotes them. You make money when people read your articles. You make even more money when people click ads on your pages (which is rare), or buy things off Amazon or Ebay that you lead them to.

If this sounds like something you can do it is pretty easy to get started. Just understand this: you will not start earning money right away. There are some start-up tasks that you must complete.

Hubpages has made the process very easy. After you sign up and create a username and profile, simply follow the directions provided as you go. If you find yourself stuck at any point, the FAQ page as well as the Learning Center are both incredibly well organized and very helpful. I've referred to both, often, and have probably increased my earnings more quickly as a result.

Keep in mind that for the first couple of months, I didn't earn more than about seven dollars in any given month. But I kept plugging along, slowly, reading other hubs for advice, writing a little more, and adapting through trial and error.

6 Quick Steps

To get started, I found the following steps helpful:

  1. Sign up for a hubpages account here.
  2. Upload a picture.
  3. Write and publish your first hub.
  4. Configure your Earnings Programs.
  5. Continue writing and publishing hubs.
  6. Direct traffic to your hubs.

Get Started Today

  • Watch the video below.
  • Sign up for a hubpages account here.
  • Follow the "getting started" guides provided, or skip them. Some people like to jump right in and figure things out as they go.
  • Upload a picture and set up your profile. You will be taken more seriously if you upload an actual photo that is somewhat professional and normal looking, but I kept my profile information to a bare minimum.
  • Write and publish your first hub. For writing tips, see below. If I remember correctly, you cannot set up any earnings programs until you have some content available for review.
  • Configure your Earnings Programs Go to "My Account" (from the drop down box under your username) and click the "Earnings" tab, then "Settings." You will see a list including Hubpages Ad Program, Google AdSense, Ebay, and Amazon Affiliate. Configure them in that order by clicking the links and following the directions. **I did not add Ebay nor Amazon until I had been writing for a year, and have since found them to be the lowest revenue sources. My advice is to start slow and pick up more earning opportunities as you figure things out. Honestly, I just followed the directions provided as I navigated my way through and figured it out, so it can't be that hard.
  • Continue writing and publishing hubs.
  • Direct traffic to your hubs by sharing your links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email. Also, read other hubs and make comments. This will attract other Hubbers to your hubs and increase your daily revenue.

What Is Hubpages?

Write About Things You Know
Write About Things You Know

Money Making Hub Advice

In my experience, I've found that there are two approaches to making money on Hubpages: the Quantity Approach and the Quality Approach. Depending on who you talk to, both could be equally effective. The first, however, takes far more time than the second. Obviously, I'm a Quality Approach writer myself.

There are literally hundreds of hubs written that provide advice for how to make more money on Hubpages. It does not hurt to browse through this site and pick up tips and wisdom from others who are veterans. The one thing you will read the most often is "Write about what you know."

I agree. But I will also say this. A vast majority of the content on Hubpages is mostly crap. Most users are Quantity Approachers. To me, this approach falls into a category which I've deemed "High School Book Report" quality. Quantity Approachers basically regurgitate common knowledge or someone else's ideas in a new, but not-so-different way. These hubs will ultimately be worth nothing in a few weeks. If that is how you choose to write, you are going to have to write a lot, and write often.

It doesn't have to be that much work though. If you put some thought and effort into each hub, take care to make sure your spelling, usage, grammar, and sentence structure are correct, and actually choose subjects that people are interested in, your hubs will not become obsolete. Also, you will be more likely to generate traffic from search engines outside of Hubpages, which is where the money's at.

Here are some tips on what I've found to generate the most traffic (and therefore money) in the long run:

  1. Current topics of interest that people would be Googling. Examples: gardening tips in the spring, composting tips in the fall, recipes for in-season fruits and veggies, parenting tips and tricks for specific problems, book reviews for popular books right now, movie and television reviews for current features.
  2. Subjects or solutions to problems that you have personally searched for and come up short. Right now, my most popular hub was the result of my googling something and finding nothing. So I wrote about what I had learned. And as I learned more, I updated and edited that hub, and have added two more hubs on the same subject. Now I generate over 100 hits a day (many from search engines like Google and Bing) because mine is one of the few webpages that exist on the topic.
  3. Good pictures. Think about it. Most people do not like reading and we are in a society that has made a habit of skimming. Create hubs that would attract you to read them. I have also switched to using only original pictures. Internet copyright laws are vague, at best, but in order to avoid anyone finding my hub and claiming I stole something from them, I no longer use Google images to illustrate my hubs.
  4. Personal stories. Certainly, hubpages is not my personal blog. But I have found that when I make my hubs more personal (and a little funny) it is obvious to readers that I am original, which increases the odds of people sharing my stuff with others.

**Shameless Plug: If you have found any of this information helpful and know someone who would benefit, please share this article with YOUR friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, by using the buttons provided in the upper right corner of the page, and thank you!**

Comments? Questions?

If you have comments or questions, notice any errors in this information, or simply want to help me make this a better hub, by all means, share them in the comments section below. I will update as often as is necessary and hope to keep this hub current and helpful for those of you just getting started. I welcome comments and constructive criticism.


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    • melissae1963 profile image

      Melissa Reese Etheridge 

      3 years ago from Tennessee, United States

      This is an excellent hub. Thanks for some great advice.

    • RichFatCat profile image

      Alan Lehmann 

      3 years ago from Texas

      After a year of "doing it my way," I'm learning, HubPages is the RIGHT way to go.

      Great Hub!!!

    • collegedad profile image


      5 years ago from The Upper Peninsula

      Great hub! I'm going to forward this to some of my followers who are new to hubpages.


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