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You need more Disney Stuff

Updated on March 15, 2013

Welcome to my world

At the risk of providing too many product listings, we present a list of product listings and accompanying verbiage. All these items can be purchased online from reputable retailers. They probably won't run out but order soon anyway.

Disney Tigger 'Wired for Another Day' Coffee Mug

Where else would you put your coffee? This adorable mug reminds the world of your predilection for jumping around manically when coffee supplies run short. Take it to Starbucks: a barista knows how to help you. It holds holds 16 fluid ounces so you may need several if you live in New York City.

If you prefer tea or cocoa, this handy item stands ready to keep your hands from getting wet. It probably fits snugly into the cup holders of roller coasters at major theme parks in Florida and California.

Disney Brave Movie Poster

Cover up the coffee stain on your cubicle with this blindingly adorable poster from a famous movie. Your office mates grow weary of motivational banners and cats hazzing cheezeburgers. Nothing increases productivity like a girl with florescent red hair standing in a swamp.

A random product chosen especially for you

Massive computers at eBay churned out this adorable/useful/collectible product and formatted it into a convenient listing for your reading pleasure. We're sure you'll enjoy displaying/giving/using it for many years to come. Just pick up the credit card and get to work: we can't do everything for you.

Fairies Alarm Clock

When coffee isn't sufficient to get you moving in the morning, crank up an alarm clock. Who wouldn't want to wake up next to a Disney Fairy? A tiny magic wand reaches out to gently tap your snoring nose with love. Or something like that.

Little Mermaid Ariel Window Sticker

Sharing the road with unsuspecting drivers just got a lot more fun. This handy decal adheres to American and imported windows. Show the guy in the fast lane where your allegiance lies. Everyone loves a little mermaid.

Our journey continues

Herein we continue providing supplemental Disney product listings replete with descriptive text. Venture on.

Phone Case

It's cute and protects your valuable possessions, just like Congress. Nestle your iPhone into a Disney-themed case that goes with any occasion. You can have this thing in your pocket when you ride the roller coaster at a major theme park in Florida or when you get married. Drops and spills will be no match for reliable character-based iPhone concealment,

A Plush Monster

You probably can't give kids coffee in a Disney mug to keep them awake, but this will. A lifelike version of a friendly monster from a smash hit animated movie could be just the thing to keep them from wetting the bed in their sleep, because they won't go to sleep. Hide several of them throughout the closets of your palatial double-wide to remind recalcitrant children about the importance of strict obedience to authority figures.

It's OK. We're professionals.
It's OK. We're professionals.


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    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      6 years ago from south Florida

      So that unbearably cute phone case, nicomp, protects your valuable possessions just like Congress? Which country are you from, m'dear?


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