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You Really Can Receive Free Stuff And Money Online, Honest.

Updated on February 11, 2016

Many of you may think you can't receive free things online but I am here to show you exactly how to do it. Around Christmas time last year, I decided to search around the internet to see what I could find online for free and I became addicted as the merchandise started arriving. I received free coupons, candy, $80 gift card for bras and even free money, $100's of dollars worth of free stuff right before Christmas. You really can get stuff for free.

I know so many of us have been caught up with those websites who offer to give us free stuff or money, just to send us around in circles and want our information like email and phone number just to end up with a bunch of junk emails and unwanted calls and receive nothing in return. It makes me angry that these sites are allowed to offer a $500 Amazon gift card and we all know that's a lie, I actually tried it and got nothing. Because of these stupid sites many people believe you cant get free stuff online but that's not true.

New email

First, start a new email. You will not want 100's of emails mixed in with your important emails. You need an email for your free stuff. I made this mistake. You can head straight to and create a new email for free.

My favorite place for free money

My favorite place to win free money is at Kmart has a great rewards program and dozens of sweepstakes for free points or free stuff you can win. I received around $200 in free points right before Christmas to spend at Kmart. Who doesn't like free money. I haven't won any of the merchandise yet but that's OK, I'll take the free points which is just like free money.

I play the sweepstakes every day and I win free points most days. there are some days I don't win so don't get discouraged. You can also combine your winning points along with your surprise points. For example, if you have surprise points for $10 off your $30 purchase on clothing plus $20 in surprise points, that's $30 worth of free cloths at Kmart. Your email will get full from entering these sweepstakes which is why I recommend opening a new email. Every time you enter one of the sweepstakes, you receive an email either as a thank you or as a reminder to share it on Facebook or Twitter for another entry.

Make sure you inform the cashier when making a purchase that you want to use your points. The first time I used my points at the register the lady raised her eyebrows when the cost of my merchandise was about $1. It surprised me that Kmart's own workers do not know about the sweepstakes on the shopyourway website.

I used to think Kmart was expensive and I would never shop there but not anymore. I am now a weekly shopper at Kmart. I'm not sure how the store stays in business giving away all this free money.

Instant Win

The best place I have found to get free stuff is by doing a search for instant win. Instant win prizes are the best and you found out right then if you have won or not. I happen to like The site keeps you updated when prizes expire and when new sweepstakes become available.

On FreebieSharks website, I have won free Snickers candy bars, snacks, $80 gift card at Wacoal. I think I was receiving a free coupon for a candy bar every other day because my husband and daughter also entered the instant win game. When you click on the link, you will be taken to Snickers Facebook page. If you are on a cell phone, the page sometimes can not be displayed. You will need to go to the top right side of your phone where the three dots are, scroll down and click Request desktop site. I had this problem and it took me awhile to figure it out. Many people are using phones these days and some of the games will not work unless you request desktop site.

There's a lot of instant wins and sweepstakes on FreebieShark. Let me know what you win and good luck.

Free gift cards at HSN and Marlboro

Head on over to and play the arcade games for tickets to enter to win free stuff. The site used to have Spin2Win last December. I won a $25 gift card so I know it is possible to win on the site.

If you are a smoker 21 years of age or older, has different sweepstakes running all the time. Right now they have a promotion called earn credit, claim gear. I also just had a water bottle sent to me for free from Marlboro and they are always sending me coupons in the mail for $2 off packs of cigarettes. Download the app to use your mobile coupon $1 off a pack or $3 off a carton.


I receive so much free stuff in the mail, I have way too much to list. I have only listed a few of my favorite ones. I also receive coupons in the mail all the time and free samples. There are tons of free samples online but you must go directly to the source. Don't fall for the sites who promise to give you 100's of free samples because it is just not the case and will leave you going in circles with nothing in return.


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 21 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Interesting and useful hub. I hate the advertised free giveaways that make out you have already won an iPad etc and all you have to do is answer a few you say they are just fishing for phone number and email address to in inundate you with crap...and no prize ever eventuates. I have made a few bucks from surveys but that's about all.