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Youtubers EASY way to EARN MONEY Online Step By Step - is NOT EASY

Updated on October 26, 2020
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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

NO Easy Way to EARN Money Online

The article will discuss truths of the challenges you will face if you want to start an EASY way to EARN MONEY online, Step By Step. Listening to YouTubers advice.

Youtubers promote the words EASY and EARN MONEY on their tutorials. You are usually hooked on these videos because, like most of us, we want to make EASY money online. And earn extra income while working at home.

There are some truths to these videos and the website they are promoting. You can earn money online, and the methods they explain can help you have an extra income. But what they are not telling you, earning money online is NOT EASY. It is the complete opposite of the smiles they are projecting while feeding you their content.

There are tons of methods shown on Youtube on how you can earn an extra income. But in this article, we are going to learn why Microjobs, Surveys, Blogging, Youtube, and Affiliate Marketing are not EASY money.

Microjobs and why it is not EASY

Microjobs are the labor work of the internet. You make money by doing hard work. Websites that offer micro-jobs guide users to use a tool. Workers will use this tool to complete three(3) minute tasks and paid for each job completed. Microjobs requires less to no SKILL to earn an extra income. But this also means that these sites pay less. You can earn from $ .02 to $ 0.10 per three(3) minutes of labor work. Which means you can only earn extra income between $3 to $16 of hard work per day. And it is hard work. You need to be in front of your computer for 8 hours to earn your extra income.

Can you EARN extra MONEY doing MicroJobs?

The extra income from micro-jobs is not enough. But there is money. And if you are looking to earn an extra buck, of your free time, then this might be for you. Just manage your time well so you will not sacrifice other priorities of your life.

Extra Income from ONLINE SURVEYS is worse than MICROJOBS

Some YouTubers often promote survey sites as a discovered life hack. And answering simple questions from corporations can be a sustainable source of extra income. That is very far from the truth. You can earn money online on survey sites, but it is very little money. You are lucky enough if you can earn a dollar per day. If you cannot get a contract directly from the companies requesting for surveys, you might as well read a book. You can earn more from reading a book, rather than doing surveys.

If you will insist on DOING Online Surveys

Manage your time wisely. You can use your extra time for social media in exchange for earning extra income doing surveys. And while you are online, learn other ways to earn money during your breaks from answering surveys.

Blogging and I want to write

Blogging holds significant potential if you need to earn extra income online. There are a lot of ways writing can help you earn. You can earn extra income for doing product promotions, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and a whole lot more. One of the EASY ways shown on the internet, is you can earn in Blogging without writing your own content. This sounds a true hack.

The first method is to copy free to download PLR documents and owning them as your own. Second is rewriting an existing content from the internet.

The art of copy and paste may sound a hack. But free to download PLR documents are often low in quality. You will need audience retention to earn in blogging. And posting low-quality content will not attract readers.

The rewriting of quality content now sounds a good option. But when you rewrite, you still spend a lot of time. A time better spent in writing your original content. Writing your own content reserves no guilt and you can be proud of what you wrote.

If there is no SHAME in COPYING

If you found no shame in copying, might as well improve your selection and apply a strategy. For owning PLR documents, scout for websites that offer quality PLR. Often they are not free. Subscribe to these sites. Download document from popular niches if you want that easy copied extra income. And in rewriting an article. Try to look for the most searched keywords inside the article. And rewrite the article revolving on keywords that have high search volume but with less competition. Tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner can help you.

Become Famous on Youtube

Youtube has all the glamour among the praised easy ways to earn an extra income. As of writing, Youtube ranks number two(2) in the world with more than 32 Billion site visits. This amount of traffic means you have several different ways to earn. But the most convenient would be to earn through Google Ads.

But Youtube has experienced an enormous growth since the first video was uploaded on April 23, 2005. Today, more than 5 Billion video contents are inside Youtube. With more and more people wanting a piece of Youtube’s traffic, gaining views on the platform has become increasingly challenging. The approach in the old days to gain a following on Youtube was to post quality content. But today, it has become more technical. This level of competition makes ranking in the search engine difficult. Plus you are competing with creators from all over the world. It is not an EASY way TO EAN money online.

Youtube is the Pacific Ocean, it is Abundant

The traffic that Youtube generates still provides promising opportunities to earn extra income. Creativity is needed more than ever to rank in the search engine. And the approach is not just in creating the content, but also in finding what content should you produce, and what different ways to promote.

The focus on Youtube to earn extra income is to gain views. And there is a need to understand what are the content that viewers want. This is your market and create contents that are solutions to the needs. After you have the content, you need to promote. Aside from growing your Youtube Channel, grow other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can backlink your content from these social media platforms to drive more traffic and gain views.

EARN Six (6) figures by just COPY and PASTE Affiliate Links

The term affiliate also means referrals. You will earn your extra income after a sale is generated from your referral. And these referrals are in the form of a URL. And if you visit Youtube, chances are, you are offered with Ads with Lamborghini’s, mansions, and college drop-outs earning six to seven figures a month. This really sounds enticing. The advertisements are so upbeat and energetic, and they make it look easy as copy and paste.

The same as Blogging and Youtube, you need quality content and you need network traffic to sell your promoted products. But the traffic of a much higher level. Experienced bloggers use affiliate marketing. YouTubers use affiliate marketing. Big corporations use affiliate marketing. And if you are a beginner, you are entering the ring with a world champion before you even learn how to throw a punch.

Become a world champion yourself

Affiliate marketing is a workable alternative to earn extra income online. Though the competition is high, the direction of the trend for consumers and products is going to the world of the internet. As more goods are being transacted online, the more affiliate marketing looks promising.

And a technical approach increases the chances of earning.

  1. Know your market and their needs. This will help decide the niche you are going to work with and the products that you are going to promote. And this will also set your focus on products you can sell.
  2. Create a neat landing page website to promote your product. There are ways to do affiliate marketing without a website. But you are likely to secure sales if you have a landing page. A well-organized website will look credible for consumers. And the likelihood of earning your extra income is high.

  3. Research quality keywords. This is recommended if you are going to use a Blogging website to promote your affiliate products. Keywords are equal to user searches on the internet. Working on keywords searched by people increases the chances of your website being found. Be smart in keywords and look for those highly searched but with less competition. And learn to use free tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to help you with the keywords you need.

  4. Produce quality content. Quality content will generate retention for your website. The longer they browse on your pages increases your chances of earning extra income. Work on the options, yourself writing good content, or hire a content writer for your articles.

  5. And take advantage of traffic from Social Media. Consumers are not centered inside one platform. And you need to create social media accounts that can drive traffic to your website. The visits generated from social media to your website are potential sales. And the foot traffic they created increases your rank in Google’s website index. The higher your rank, the more organic visitors you will receive, and the higher the extra income you receive from affiliate marketing.

Earning Extra Money Online is not Easy

Earning money online is possible but you need to be wise in selecting the methods. YouTube creators can be reliable coaches to educate on how you can earn your extra income. But be more cautious. Do a little research on how much it pays and how much time you need to invest. And assess your options. A lot of hard work and internet research can help you earn, that not so easy money, online.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Erl Sua


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