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Is there any kind of writing you would not monetize through Google Adsense?

I don't mean adult content, that's pretty obvious. But I mean some kind of writing, maybe extremely political, or something like that, that you might figure Adsense might not allow ads on or might ban, or might penalize, etc. I don't even know if such things happen, and I'm not suggesting it does, I'm just curious if it's something to consider.

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Ellen (Greekgeek) says

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5 years ago
  • NateB11 profile image

    Nathan Bernardo (NateB11) 5 years ago

    Thanks for that link, I will definitely check it out. I was thinking the same thing about creative writing, and, in fact, I have some poetry online which I do not monetize at all, and poetry, of course, is known as a non-money-maker.