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Any advice on how to make a great youtube video?

Specifically, I want to make a knitting video from the perspective of seeing thru my eyes. In other words, ideally I'd like the view of the camera to be as if I was holding the camera in my mouth (but I have to talk lol). It's just the best viewpoint for someone who wants to see what I am doing as I describe my knitting work. Also I can take videos with my iPhone but it can be a bit shaky. My other option is my laptop. It has the Live Movie Maker on it and I am good at making Power Point Presentations and have learned how to do a voice over on power points. So I need help making a video.


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LindaSmith1 says

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3 years ago
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    Michele Kelsey (misslong123) 3 years ago

    Thank you for the tips. These are great things for me to know in order to make successful videos that draw people to my hubs. I will probably need to practice, practice, practice!!!