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Still learning how to use this thing ? Have a feeling I am making this harder than it has to be.

72 The example, Feb.1 you have .01 [x2] Feb.2 you have .02 [x2] Feb.3 you have .04 [x2] Feb.4 you have .08 [x2] Feb.5 you have .16 [x2 = (.32) x 2 =(.64) x 2 = ($1.28) x 2= ($2.56) ($ 5.12) [x2 = ($10.24) x 2 = ($20.48) x 2= ($40.92) x2 =(81.84) and so on. Doubled everyday for 30 days 1 penny compounds to equal. Mar.1 ($28,857,733.12) This is how banks and insurance comp. have used simple math to leverage our money against us. If you follow this duplication process 72 x you reach what is called critical mass. This math is applied to anything that reproduces.

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