Excerptz closed on 13th August 2012

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  1. WryLilt profile image88
    WryLiltposted 11 years ago

    I was randomly looking for an article I'd written to link a friend and it was on Excerptz. When I arrived on the site I got this message:

    Excerptz closed on 13th August 2012. Authors have 60 days to remove their content from excerptz.com/wp-admin should they wish to reclaim it. Thanks!.

    Lovely way to find out. Not to mention my computer tries to warn me the site is bad and full of Malware and doesn't want me to go on there. I removed the little content I had anyway - thought others who put content there may want a heads up.

    1. SimeyC profile image88
      SimeyCposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I think the owner did try and contact as many people as possible - there was an email sent out although it may have got lost in 'spam' email....

    2. profile image53
      excerptzposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      This is Ryan, I don't expect that I will able to converse with you on here through this new account for obvious reasons, as it is likely to be banned shortly. Therefore this message will be a long all-encompassing one.

      As you correctly noted Excerptz was closed on 13th August, and as others have mentioned there were some technical problems with the mass email. Some people claim to have recieved one, some people claim not to have; I did recieve one to all Excerptz accounts registered under my email addresses (of which there were five or six), probably because I'd informed hotmail that they were not spam. But nonetheless, every attempt was made to contact authors through email, and apologies to anybody who (as of yet) has not recieved one.

      It has not been possible to fix the mailing system and resend to members as I've been without an internet connection for two weeks after moving 300 miles northwards, it is my intention to do so - I wouldn't want anybody to lose any content, and the sixty day period will of course be restarted from the point that I am confident that all members have recieved an email. I will send all 900(ish) manually if I am forced to do so.

      I'm sure that you will agree that sixty days from the date of sending will provide everybody with sufficient time to reclaim their content for republication. The liklyhood is that the admin access will be maintained for much longer, as I myself have a good three hundred or so posts to rehome.

      For the benefit of any hubbers with an account on Excerptz who perhaps didn't recieve the email or didn't notice it within a spam folder (a particular issue with hotmail I believe), these are my reasons for closing the site:

      1) My AdSense account was constantly under threat, I had been recieving an increasing number of adsense notifications demanding that I remove content within three days or face a possible termination of the account. As soon as I became aware that I would be without internet for a period it became apparent that the site had to go immediately. Not only to protect MY account, but also the account of the author(s) of the said non-compliant content. The personal regret/guilt that I would feel if responsible for the loss of somebody elses income stream would far surpass any short term discomfort caused by any backlash that I will have from closing the site and causing people minor inconvenience. Here is an example of an email:


      2) The site was initially created to serve as a bookmarking site for hubbers to create backlinks to their content here on hubpages, squidoo, and wherever else. It wasn't until Panda came along and many of my former-associates here on HP were bemoaning the unpublication of their content here on hubpages that I transformed the site into one which accepted only articles. That wasn't part of the business plan. There are now far superior alternative platforms out there (built by people who can actually code), perhaps most notably Wizzley.com (which I love by the way). There is simply no place for Excerptz on the market now, particularly with Squidoo so strong, it has become redundant and my withdrawal/neglect of the site can be considered a graceful and humble acknowledgement that you can only build something fantastic if you put the hard work in (I can't, or won't). Here is an Alexa graph showing a correlation between the end of the very short lived Excerptz success and the emergence of Wizzley:


      3) I have simply moved on from search engine marketing and SEO, primarily because once per month I'd be going a week without sleep when my sites or clients sites would get battered by the ever-evolving Panda updates and the pesky little Penguin which emerged on the scene. I was spending so much time attempting to find a magic cure for terminally ill properties and content that I wasn't building.... and I just love building. Stuff had to go, Excerptz became a cropper because the things which have to stay are paying for my new mortgage.

      4) At the start of the year I was offered a substantial amount of money to sell the site to somebody else named Ryan who owns a few other big properties ($5k basically). I considered it, I really did, maybe he would have turned it into something super-duper. On the flipside, he could also have screwed you all over by ignoring the terms of service agreement and stealing the content, or removing adsense revenue sharing, or deleting your content full stop and flipping the domain into something else (PR2, lots of links pointing directly to homepage, it's common practice). All I want to do is ensure that everybody gets their chance to reclaim the content that THEY own, and I will provide that chance by ensuring that everybody recieves an email a minimum of 60 days prior to the complete deletion of the database (not 60 days from 13th August).

      ps. Malware - I'll fix that now that I have internet connection.

      Thanks to all those who got involved and again, apologies for any minor inconvenience, best of luck in your writing endeavours on Squidoo, Wizzley, ThisIsFreelance, Xobba, or wherever.


      1. brakel2 profile image75
        brakel2posted 11 years agoin reply to this

        Hi Ryan I enjoyed the experience of being on Excerptz, and good luck in all your endeavors. Thanks for the email about the closing.

  2. mistyhorizon2003 profile image89
    mistyhorizon2003posted 11 years ago

    Yes Ryan did send out an email, but some people (including myself) didn't receive it for some reason. I do know others that did though, so it must have been a glitch.

  3. brakel2 profile image75
    brakel2posted 11 years ago

    He said the site had gotten bad due to his lack of time. I almost forgot he was shutting it down. I'm sorry y'all didn't know. We should have posted it.

  4. mistyhorizon2003 profile image89
    mistyhorizon2003posted 11 years ago

    He was also getting a load of dodgy 'sign ups' and for what he made out of the site it wasn't worth the time it took to keep the site 'clean'.

  5. profile image53
    excerptzposted 11 years ago


    I am however extremely surprised that you have chosen to raise your concerns directly here on the hubpages forum (where you are no doubt aware that I am not permitted to contribute) without making any effort to contact me first. Well, I guess I’m a bit naïve to be surprised there, not like you don’t have form on here, the sharing of confidential information for example, and being outed by Menayan as a post-panda gainer while vigorously claiming to be a post-panda loser (however inappropriately).

    I believe (know in fact) that you are connected with me directly on twitter, linkedin, Google+, Wizzley, Hubpages, facebook , (and indeed my PERSONAL account which has just 26 hubpages related connections of which you are one). You also have my personal email address. You have never been shy to reach out in the past, and I would have expected better from somebody who I believe is studying to become a real life journalist and one who no doubt researches their content so thoroughly? You wouldn't run a story in a newspaper without first making contact with the subject? Perhaps you would if you ran a gossip site or wrote for a tabloid, but you certainly wouldn't if you were under the employ of a publication with any degree of credibility (e.g. a broadsheet).

    If your first instinct would have been to send me a facebook message for example, I could have explained this to you. This forum thread (which one of the other 25 hubbers on my fb account kindly forwarded to me, via facebook message ironically) was the first that I knew of the malware problem, so perhaps by the same stretch that was a "lovely way to find out" about it. Whilst some people use social media accounts to self-promote or build a brand, I actually use that account to communicate/converse with my connections, so as a result I will consider our own connection completely redundant and worthless.  If you were for example to click on my name on facebook you would be taken to my timeline, where you would have seen this:


    Maybe you did see that on that your feed? If that was (entirely hypothetically of course) the case then you would be raising the issue on the one place online that you knew I couldn’t respond to it, at a time when you suspected I had no ability to find and read it? Without the courtesy to inform me that you had done so?

    Whilst I can only apologize to all concerned for the technical problems associated with the mail out (if this was indeed a technical problem and not an over-zealous email provider identifying a legitimate email as spam, most of my hubpages and wizzley emails go straight to Hotmail spam), many people found out through their participation in various writing communities. A notice was, for example, posted in five or six facebook groups made up of HP and Squidoo writers, and indeed on the forum of Wizzley.com (a site on which you are very active). You were once a member of those communities I believe, prior to the deletion of your Wry Lilt facebook account.

    In fact you are now much more active on Wizzley than you are on Hubpages, so I’d be interested to know why you decided to post this thread here, and not post a similar thread on Wizzley – a community full of former hubbers. Is it because you already knew that a thread there existed? This one?.....  http://wizzley.com/forum/chatter-away-f … tz-closed/

    Thanks for your contribution to Excerptz and good luck out there in the big wide web. I will miss the old Excerptz place, it was special to me for a moment.

    1. profile image0
      writeronlineposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Geez, I can't see how you could be more transparent or communicative with your user base than that, Ryan. Not that I had anything to do with Excerptz - I'm just enjoying the punch and counter-punch in this thread (which presumably won't stay up for any longer than it takes for an HP mod to cry foul at your presence, or more likely, utter a foul word or two, before pressing the eff off key. Back to the battle though, I kinda expected to see another post from you saying, "Have you had enough WryLilt, or do you want some more?"
      I really do wish HP would let this thread stay, it's serving a real purpose, and it's way more entertaining than most of the sanitised ' HP glee club' waffle that clutters the forums these days. I'm going for a coffee, and back to see what happens next.

    2. WryLilt profile image88
      WryLiltposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I've emailed you privately Ryan.

      The only thing I want to clear publicly is the comment about Jason outing me.

      I lost 50% of traffic following Panda, but regained and went above it following subdomains. The thread in question was after several months success on subdomains from memory, so Jason was questioning why I still chose to complain about the Panda traffic loss despite my six months of it coming to an end.

      1. profile image53
        excerptzposted 11 years agoin reply to this


        Well consider this a full public retraction of my reference to your pre and post panda traffic stats, conclusions of which were drawn from third party posts/statements and not through any sort of solid evidence, and furthermore which related only to traffic and not to revenue (which frankly, is all that matters, traffic is a meaningless metric).

        I also know that your sharing of confidential information that time was accidental, so I regret using those two against you unnecessarily and perhaps slightly spitefully.

        I will read your email after I've made a coffee, and possibly gone for both a number one and two in case you are about to tear me a new a-hole and I'm left laying in a pool of my own urine and feces!!

  6. psycheskinner profile image84
    psycheskinnerposted 11 years ago

    Dude, if that's how you react to people just talking about your business, I suspect I know why it all went so wrong.

    1. profile image53
      excerptzposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      pyscheskinner, my first post is my reaction to people talking about my "business" (I prefer slapdash wordpress based hobby site), be happy for you to advise how I could have been any more informative, detailed, or honest? It contained numerous apologies and an acknowledgement that the competition was far superior.

      My second post is a reaction to somebody coming onto a site that she no longer has any involvement in, to create an inuendo laden thread with the intention to flame and provoke, despite having full and unrestricted access to various personal channels of communication including the facebook account which I use to communicate with my real offline friends and relatives. Nothing else to say on that.

      When somebody feels able to like and comment on your facebook statuses, but unable to kindly inform you that your site has a malware problem, you know its time to end that access. I feel that my points have been entirely valid.

  7. psycheskinner profile image84
    psycheskinnerposted 11 years ago

    You could deal with her personal issues by email and deal with the factual points in a factual manner.  Your reply read like a high school break up, not a public-facing communication.

    1. profile image53
      excerptzposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Psycheskinner, are you saying that I have created bad PR for a "business" which ceases to exist? If so, it surely goes without saying that I don't care?

      I've come on here and provided an 886 word explanation to the points raised. I didn't have to do that, not many people would.

      If you have any further queries in relation to the disbanded website Excerptz.com then I'd be happily to peruse and reply, subject to my presence here not being noticed by an HP employee prior to my response. You can alternatively email excerptz@hotmail.co.uk.

      If you wish to continue to involve yourself in my second post, which was addressed to Wry Lilt and not to you, then knock yourself out but I'm no longer listening.

  8. psycheskinner profile image84
    psycheskinnerposted 11 years ago

    If you have any other business in the future, people will remember things like this. I do business with people who conduct themselves in a civil in grown-up manner online and offline.  I doubt I am alone in that.

    And this is a forum I am a member of, where you are having a *public* (Google-able) conversation.  That being my point.

    1. profile image53
      excerptzposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I find the idea of a psychologist only doing business with those who conduct themselves in "a civil grown-up manner online and offline" to be hilarious, you could create a sitcom based around that concept.

      He would probably struggle to find clients and have to spend his client-less days anonymously messing around on internet forums, getting involved in conversations with people who don't want to talk to him. On second thoughts, that would be tragic.

  9. WryLilt profile image88
    WryLiltposted 11 years ago

    I apologise Ryan. You're right. I'm sorry.

    1. profile image53
      excerptzposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      See now you have made me feel bad for going in so hard, damn :'(

  10. psycheskinner profile image84
    psycheskinnerposted 11 years ago

    Still making it personal, I see.  That only really proves my point.

    Also making assumptions, for example about gender.

    1. profile image53
      excerptzposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      So the actor in my hypothetical sitcom could not be male? I'm not making an assumption on your gender, I've seen a picture of you. You are a female with short hair.

      It is you psycheskinner who suggested that this thread be used for discussion of excerptz and that personal problems be discussed elsewhere.

      Well in case you didn't notice, I shared my email address with you a while back now, and I can't see you talking about excerptz. So perhaps you could take your own advice?

  11. psycheskinner profile image84
    psycheskinnerposted 11 years ago

    I don't have a personal issue with you, because we don't have a personal relationship.

    And I find your notion that you get to determine what happens on this forum a tad presumptuous.

    1. profile image53
      excerptzposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I find the notion that you think that I have a notion that I get to determine what happens on this forum a lot more than a tad presumptuous. Particularly as I am not permitted to contribute on this forum and will find this account deleted by a staffer at any minute now.

      May I ask you a question? I'll go ahead and ask it anyway...... do you ever get bored of arguing for the sake of it? With people that you don't know? I mean, you're a PHD, the world is your oyster right? We all have an infinite number of heart beats, Neil Armstrong told me not to waste them, so why are you wasting yours on here? And perhaps more importantly, why the hell am I wasting my own while helping you to waste yours?

      I suggest that we end this pointless life-wasting argument, at least for now. I have pugs to keep entertained, surely you have dogs to walk too? What with you being an animal behaviorist?

      I'm walking away right now..... if you want to argue with me some other time, just for the sake of it, you can do so via the links provided in my former hubpages profile: http://ryankett.hubpages.com/


  12. Thriller profile image61
    Thrillerposted 10 years ago

    This Ryankett chap has always been full of himself and uncouth as well. Picks up fight with anyone and everywhere on seemingly minor issues. It's good for the community he finally got banned on HP. HP should be a better place now smile

  13. profile image0
    EmpressFelicityposted 10 years ago



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