Technical Analysis software for stock market (global markets)

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    dhawaldhlposted 5 years ago

    Intraday Trend Indicator 2.1

    Intraday Trend Indicator 2.1 is a must have app for any investor who deals with any Equity or Forex market around the world (for example Nasdaq). The investor is able to make nearly accurate predictions and take firm decisions using the app's calculated measures (Pivot Point, Resistance Points and Support Points).
    Intraday Trend Indicator 2.1 also features most awaited Realtime Live Market & Forex Quotes for major exchanges.
    Along with Live Charts including Candlestick charts for Equities, Indices as well as for Forex.
    Pan & Zoom throughout the charts while the chart draws live points during active market sessions!
    Watch Candles form and slide in realtime for all major exchanges!
    Includes Equity information such as EPS, P/E Ratio and much more..
    Features :
    * Stocks and Indices from 80+ Global Markets.
    * Track Currency pairs between 90+ global currencies including all major Forex pairs.
    * Sub-Indices from nearly all Global Market Indices.
    * Includes Floor Pivots, Tom DeMark's Pivots, Woodie's Pivots, Camarilla Pivots as well as Fibonacci Pivots.
    * Realtime live quotes for Equities, Indices and Forex
    * Company information including EPS, P/E, MarketCap.
    * Realtime live charts including candlestick.
    * Optimized for Tablets and Wide screens.
    * Very low network usage. (Useful if your Cellphone Carrier charges you for data connection).
    * Simple and Sleek design.
    * Lightweight - Low memory requirements.

    here's download link : … dindicator