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  1. Mandhla Moyo profile image61
    Mandhla Moyoposted 4 years ago

    There are times I walk from my University towards my residence in #Kabuku and meet kids dirty as fuck, either kicking an empty plastic bottle around in their torn pants half bare feet cute rugged homemade tailed leg appendices, and once white half t-shirts now brown with a tint of black half skirts, boys and girls alike at times, the thing that stands out though is how happy they are in that moment.
    At that time am probably half aware of the things around me, stuck in ideas of landlords and next excuse to give the land lady when her car suddenly appears round a corner, the only entrance to your apartment and you just managed to sneak past the grocer lady you owe 20bob Credit when you were convinced the gods were smiling at you that day... And suddenly, kids on your path playing a form of soccer on a rugged stoned and donkey and sheep shit filled uneven piece of pedestrian and cart usage now turned into a gender friendly soccer like sport field, but the thing that stands out is how happy they are in that moment.
    At times i indulge myself and remember my glory days when once in middle school I was convinced I'd go national in this sport, besides my early childhood was filled too with plastic bag charcoal fire melted patted with love till round and soft enough to our idea of how the real football would feel to our feet... In boots off-course... And I would spend a minute or two, sometimes three to four and hours later bitch about how the kids parents are inconsiderate to come call them so early.... Sometimes parents man. Anyway, I was so happy in that moment I forgot to try and stand out.