Attention Brokers/ Condo Unit Owners

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    jenmanangposted 3 years ago

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a small and simple condo unit. Do you know condos in Manila, Quezon City, Pasay, Makati, Libis, Mandaluyong or any cities that I didn't mention, as long as it's not a province since I have work here. My expected price won't exceed 1.1M? My budget is small cause I found out the water/electricity rates are commercial rates o_o. So my bills might be even bigger than the actual monthly amortization. Pre-selling, re-sale or rfo is okay.

    So anyway, if you know a broker/agent.. please email me at:  jenmanangan6 @ gmail DOT com

    To people who live in condos can give me advices and tips also smile

    Again, I don't need expensive condominium unit because I will barely use it. I just need some place to stay after I go home from work. Even an “rent to own apartment” will do, if that exists. smile

    Thank you.