how can an individual like myself make money via your services

  1. wallace Dennison profile image52
    wallace Dennisonposted 8 years ago

    how can an individual like myself make money via your services

    Want to make money !

  2. janakhan profile image59
    janakhanposted 8 years ago

    Hey Wallace,

    Ok well if your referring to, the way to make money here is to just publish original unique, useful content.   You then have to sign up for google adsense, and when you do this, google will put relevant ads (give this a bit of time) around all your original content.  Basically what will happen now is the more original, unique, and useful your content is, the more people will come to read what you have wrote. This ranks you high on hubpages, and if what your talking about on the content is useful enough, google will even put on top of their SERP (search engine results page).  So now your basic premise is to make as many people come to your hubpages and read what you wrote.  Anytime someone clicks on an ad thats on your hubpage content, you get paid by google.  The pay will always vary, so every click will you pay you different.  Thats about it with hubpages.  Keep in mind you wont be making any money until you put some real effort in, hence the rule with the online job world: put your hard work in, and you will be rewarded.  Try aiming to publish 100's of quality unique content that is useful or is something people always want to read about (finances, fitness, sports, etc.) and eventually you will start getting clicks.  I hope that answered your question.