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What are the best sites to make money with?

  1. CollegeGirl08 profile image54
    CollegeGirl08posted 8 years ago

    What are the best sites to make money with?

    There are so many sites that offer good pay out but which ones are truly legitimate?

  2. JHwebsites profile image61
    JHwebsitesposted 8 years ago

    The internet offfers many great business opportunities but for every good program there are thousands of scam artists who will rip you off, and looking very close at every offer you will find loads of emty promises and false claims.
    You will need to decide what type of program is best for you, do you want to spend hours filling in surveys and answering emails or spend your hard earned cash on advertising affiliate links such as adwords.
    You could promote other peoples products and services and earn commission from each sale from your links, there are many out there but the best that I have found are CLICKBANK, COMMISSION JUNCTION, AMAZON and even EBAY.
    Sign up to become an affiliate, search for what products you want to promote, get your link and then send it through any advertising website that you can find.
    Social media, web 2.0 sites are a good starting place but some do not allow you to post your links so you may want to start a free blog and put your promotions on it and then send out your blog link.
    One program that works for me is the Power Mall, I give away a mall to anyone who wants one and encourage them to do the same and I earn commissions down 14 levels. Once you introduce a few good promoters your downline continues to grow without any more effort from you as others are growing their own business. A bit slow at first but I'm looking forward to a bumper Christmas period.


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    alongluffyposted 8 years ago
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    jman32posted 8 years ago

    If you’re interested in making money online for giving your opinion, go to the link below. It’s a legitimate site that for anyone 13 and up for completing offers and surveys . Enjoy!