What can a person do for being under paid?

  1. ediddy5 profile image54
    ediddy5posted 8 years ago

    What can a person do for being under paid?

  2. Jan V profile image49
    Jan Vposted 8 years ago

    That's a difficult question and I'm not sure if there's a answer for you.  Company's seldom pay employee's their worth and with today's economy are cutting back hours and paychecks.  I've also heard of some business's extending employee's hours while cutting pay.  Ouch.  Do you have a talent that you could turn into a business?  Of course the would be a long term goal and you'd have to balance it while working.  Not sure what your personal situation is.  Are you married, single, going to school?  so many factors to weigh in on.  Any possability of networking?  I wish you luck but unfortuantely I think it's the way it is for the time being and hopefully things will start to turn around for us all.

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    pendell2posted 8 years ago

    In our competitive business marketplace, odds are that there is some connection between the value you are providing your employer and what they are paying you.

         The best way to be paid more is to be of more value to your employer, or prospective future employers.  This may include getting more education, taking on the jobs no one else wants to do, working longer hours, selling more, offering to train newer workers, and so on.

          There are situations, though, where you are truly being paid less than what others in your area are making for the same work. When this is the case simply apply to work for those paying a fair wage. It's a free country; you're free to take your services to where they'll be rewarded.