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When asking for financial help on the web/internet I always get another chance t

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    spharrodposted 8 years ago

    When asking for financial help on the web/internet I always get another chance to be scammed. Why?

    I apply for about 20-30 jobs a day with no success. I have even got help with my resume.  I am in a bad finanial situation but I keep getting offersfrom people outside the USA.  I am worried that they are scammers like I have encountered before.  Where are all the real people in America that will help fellow Americans?  Are you all as scared as I am or am I still being fooled in believing there is still some honest good old American people out there.

  2. Cyber Lawyer profile image61
    Cyber Lawyerposted 8 years ago

    I will try to answer your question indirectly: There is plenty of reason to be concerned. The web/internet may have a lot to offer a person in your situation, but many websites have been set up to exploit people in need of financial assistance.

    I recently asked the following question on HubPages: "What legal issues are most important to you, and do you get enough help with those on HubPages?" You can find a link to the page with the question in Hubtivity on my profile page. If you want to answer it, I will try to follow up.

    We have developed reliable methods to detect whether websites, email offers etc. are dependable or not. We make these resources available to anyone on HubPages.

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    dotslashposted 8 years ago

    The web is not a good place to search for financial help in my opinion.   Your circumstances and situation are unique to you, general advice on such subjects is often confusing.   I am not sure exactly what you mean by financial help but I'm certain you'd get better advice face to face from a reputable local organisation or advisor.

    I'm guessing those offers are the usual spam jobs offering work from home jobs.  Please don't even respond to them, if something sounds to good to be true it invariably is.

    I'm sure there are many millions of honest good Americans out there, but as in Europe there are also lots of other people struggling and in need of help.

    Anyway keep up with your job hunt, applying for that many jobs I'm sure  you'll get some luck soon!

  4. webbience profile image40
    webbienceposted 7 years ago

    Your experiences teaches me that the web/internet is not the place to get financial helps.

    Instead, please update your interview skills, particularly the communication skill often.

    Meet the interviews with confident. Your success will become very reality to you.