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anything on creative financing?

  1. zclarkeman profile image56
    zclarkemanposted 8 years ago

    anything on creative financing?

  2. jay21 profile image52
    jay21posted 8 years ago

    Not to sure as to what you consider creative financing, but it's a simple as limiting liabilities and creating assets. reduce or if possible eliminate liabilities.

    ex:  Liabilities
    1) expensive sports car comes with expensive insurance cost.
    2) Cable TV & extra channels.great alternative internet TV: http://www.Hulu.com  and http://www.fancast.com. Able to connect  some computers to a HDTV.

    ex: Assets
    1) Stock (index funds & dividend earning)
    2) inventions
    3) real estate (though the market is down for selling homes ,rentals are still going strong.

    hope this was of some help.

  3. David Ono profile image55
    David Onoposted 7 years ago

    Ways to Creatively Finance Investment Real Estate Property

    *Subject-to: title goes in buyer's name, while the mortgage stays in seller's name and buyer has responsibility for making the payments going forward
    *Seller Financing: Seller sells house to buyer and holds note on which buyer pays down until either re-finance or balloon payment
    *Lease Option: Buyer leases the property with an option to buy the property at an agreed upon price by an agreed upon price.
    *Hard Money Lender: Lending institution that lends money on rehab deals. Just Google "hard money"
    *Private Money: This is where an individual lends their personal money to a buyer and basically acts as a bank does with a mortgage.

  4. fxdaddy profile image61
    fxdaddyposted 7 years ago

    Check out creonline.com.  Free information on creative financing.

  5. Emily Decker profile image62
    Emily Deckerposted 16 months ago

    i think you should give a little bit detail about the question