Which is the best way to go to make a quick buck with freelance writing?

  1. mariafadli profile image54
    mariafadliposted 7 years ago

    Which is the best way to go to make a quick buck with freelance writing?

    If short stories, blogging, poetry is not the quick way, which one is it?

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    foreignpressposted 7 years ago

    This is tough. There is no sure-fire way to make steady money as a freelance. It takes time to build up a clientele and perseverance.
       The problem is that you're balancing time with money earned. So for example, if you spend 10 hours researching and writing an article and make $100 that equates to $10 an hour. And that's assuming you aren't driving anywhere or doing anything else during that time. Remember: The only time you are making money is when you are writing. Research is not writing; thinking is not writing; interviewing is not writing. And so forth.
       I would suggest contacting the local newspaper, local magazines, and local radio/TV to see if they need freelancers. If you have a specific expertise that's even better.
       There are numerous online writing forums like Elance, Guru, Seed, and LiveStrong. I've heard that Demand Studios pays twice a week and is very reliable. Writer's Market is also a good source for freelancers.
       Remember also that writing can be anything. The local hobby store might need a weekly newsletter of their events. The local restaurant might need a menu rewritten. A daily newspaper 50 miles away needs a stringer in your area to cover local news. The possibilities are endless.

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    MickSposted 7 years ago

    Quick money from writing doesn't happen, sorry.  If you write for a print, monthly, magazine, they need copy at least three months, if not more, in advance of publication date, weeklies, about six weeks, dailies, well, if you're lucky enough to find an exclusive, you may be in.  Payment is nearly always after publication, I think in the UK, DC Thomson, pay on acceptance, but there are very few that do.  Most writing will take about 4 -6 months before seeing payment, maybe longer.
    On line is just the same, what's the chance of getting enough clicks and/or referrals to hit the minimum, low, and then you have to wait for pay day.