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is paid in seconds a scam

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    pew9281posted 7 years ago

    is paid in seconds a scam

  2. larana profile image54
    laranaposted 7 years ago

    I have been paid a total of $956.00 from "Paid In Seconds".
    Proof at site.

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    sid79posted 7 years ago

    1. I`m upgraded member now for 2 days.
    I received mail: "This Email has funds check it out "
    When I check my statistics it says 0 (zero) $ ..

    2. What is the point if I go through the links from My Links page? google, facebook, etc etc, `cause I receive nothing from it.. ?

    should I start to worry, or what??

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    eodsuaniposted 7 years ago

    Yes! Paid in seconds is a scam! I've invested nearly 2k, and I have yet to receive an answer from their support as to why my account has frozen. They launched a so called phase 2, and I kick myself for falling for it. They asked for more payments to upgrade and earn while they worked on transferring my funds from PIS 1. So far, the last response from them has been about 2 months now, and the link to the second phase is no longer active. Sure they claim some members were able to withdraw funds, but I'm almost certain their losses everytime they paid someone were far less than what people chose to reinvest in "spots". That allowed them to keep the money internal. I really don't have anyone to blame. There were indicators hinting at the illegitimacy of the site, grammar errors, no physical address or contact numbers and site saturated with ads to name a few. I have been trying to find a way to warn the masses. I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan, and upon my return home, I plan on using the services of some of my geek friends to help put the word out on PIS. Please help, and happy holidays everyone.