how do i get to on line banking?

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    darnan1938posted 7 years ago

    how do i get to on line banking?

  2. FREEWORKING profile image61
    FREEWORKINGposted 7 years ago

    simply apply to online banking with your bank. they will provide you a username and password which you can use with going to the bank's website.

  3. RogerAD profile image62
    RogerADposted 7 years ago

    Well, this is a REALLY BAD place to start wink

    You should get all of your information directly from your bank and never from a public forum like this. So, you need to call or visit your bank and ask them how their program works, most are easy to setup.

    The main reason is to avoid fishing scams and protect your identity.

    For example, you might do a search for "online banking with XXXX Bank,"  where XXXX is the name of your bank and come across a page that is made to look like your bank, but is actually stealing your info!