I took out 1000 free accidental death insurance through CIBC. I discovered when

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    Sharonann54posted 7 years ago

    I took out 1000 free accidental death insurance through CIBC.  I discovered when I went through...

    the policy they sent me that they were charging me for 100,000 plus hospital protection insurance.  I called and assumed that they cancelled this policy.  This was 2 years ago.  I now discovered after visiting my bank that they have been charging me 18.00 a month for this insurance.  I called again and had this rude woman tell me that she could cancell it now, but that she has no record of me calling two years ago.  I have the date I called but cannot remember the name of the person I talked to.  I am discussed by this.  Is there any actions I can take in this matter?

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    Powerful Pierreposted 7 years ago

    Being from BC I sympathize with you CIBC has been a pain in my watussee for a few yrs now but they do have a legitimate COMPLAINT Dept. Since I  have never filed any but threatened to a couple of times involving accidents I couldn't tell you how they will respond.  IF all else fails call MarketPlace  the TV People they love kicking CIBC 's butt. Oh Yeah where is the policy they sent you? The contract number has to be in their files somewhere.   goodluck

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    point2makeposted 7 years ago

    Do not give up. They will try to out wait or outlast you. Phone and email regularly. Get your own branch involved. Meet with your local branch manager and inform them of what is happening. They can intervene for a customer. The best advice I can give is.... you have to be committed to getting your money back. Don't give up or they win and they get to keep your money. You will get your money back, in time,if you are persistent enough, unfortunately,  that is the CIBC way to wear you down so you will give up. One last thing, your local manager can do a lot to help you if he or she is so inclined. Good luck!